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Epimetrius the Sage is a character that features in Conan the Adventurer cartoon.



Epimetrius was one of many wizards who banded together in the old world to remove the threat that was posed by Set who sought dominion over the planet. Using his powers with that of his comrades, he managed to send the serpent god into the abyss. His life would come to an end like that of many mortals and his body was buried in a tomb within the mountains.

However, death would not end the wizards existence as his soul continued to walk the planet. After Wrath-Amon attacked Conan's Cimmerian village, Epimetrius's spirit would stir once more and guide the young Cimmerian to his tomb where he defeated the rock troll guardian. Once this was done, the ancient wizard revealed the fact that he was dead and informed Conan that he needed to prevent Wrath-Amon from gaining all the Star Metal in order to free his master. To help him in his task, Epimetrius gave the barbarian a magical shield that contained the phoenix Needle.


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