Boss Biggis

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Boss Biggis

Boss Biggis was the grossly overweight man in charge of a secret, illegal labor camp located outside of Gotham City. Biggis orchestrated the abduction of several of Gotham's homeless and used them as forced labor in his mines, cruelly punishing anyone who so much as looked at him the wrong way by having his men put them inside a metal box and left out in the sun to die of heat stroke. Then one day his men made the mistake of kidnapping Gaff Morgan, who turned out to be Bruce Wayne in disguise.

Bruce initially lost his memory as a result of one of Biggis' men hitting him on the head with a club, but with the help of fellow prisoner Dan Riley and loyal Alfred (who went as far as flying in the Batwing in an attempt to locate his missing employer) he was able to get his memory back. Afterwards, Bruce escaped from Biggis' camp, much to the consternation of Biggis; consternation that quickly turned into terror when none other than Batman arrived to put an end to the camp's inhumane activities.

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