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Brian Banner as the Devil Hulk in Incredible Hulks v1 #620.

Brian Banner is a male comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



Brian Banner

During the Chaos War, Amatsu-Mikaboshi actions caused the veil between the living and the dead to be torn asunder as he sought to unmake the universe. To aid him, he brought the soul of Brian Banner to aid him against the Hulk where he took the guise of the Devil Hulk. In this form, he gained power over the fear that the Hulk and others felt over him where he managed to overpower his foes. This was until Jarella of K'ai showed that the feelings of love could empower her which she used to defeat Brian Banner. (Incredible Hulks v1 #620) After being killed again, his soul was sent even further into the depths of Hell where he encountered the One Below All who he had witnessed glimpses off in the years prior to his death. The entity could only influence the world and in order to work directly it required a host personality and soul. Thus, it came to use Brian Banner's soul as a conduit to the real world where it began to torment the Hulk a plot to claim his immortal soul as a body. (Immortal Hulk v1 #12)


Personality and attributes

He was noted to had deeply cared for his wife Rebecca and enjoyed the love she showered him as he had never received it from his own father. It was this reason that he never told Rebecca that he did not want to have children as he felt that it would break the spell of their marriage. However, this came eventually following the birth of his son and he resented his child as he felt that the love he was given by Rebecca was instead given to Bruce. (Immortal Hulk v1 #12)

Powers and abilities


  • Brian Banner was created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema where he made his first appearance in Incredible Hulk v1 #267 (January, 1982).

Alternate Versions

In other media


David Banner in the Hulk.
  • In Hulk, the character made an appearance as the primary antagonist in the 2003 live-action film where he was called David Banner though according to Ang Lee he was simply called The Father who was portrayed by actor Paul Kersey in flashback sequences and by actor Nick Nolte for the rest of the movie. David Banner was shown as being a genetics researcher whose goal was to improve humanity and began experimenting on himself. Afterwards, his wife Edith Banner became pregnant with Bruce Banner though David did not see his son as being normal and saw himself responsible. He came to realize that the experiments he had conducted on himself had passed on to Bruce who barely showed ay emotion and start having patches of green skin when hurt or angered. He would attempt to find a means to curing Bruce but his research was shown down by General Thaddeus Ross. This left David Banner enraged where he felt hopeless with his son's situation causing him to destroy his research to prevent it from falling into military hands and even attempted to murder Bruce as he felt that the child would mutate whereupon he would go out control. However, in the scuffle, he accidently killed his wife Edith who tried to stop him leading to David being put into a mental institution whilst Bruce was taken into foster care where the memory of his mother's death were blocked out. When Bruce became an adult, an experiment led to the creation of the Hulk and by this point David Banner had been released from the institution. After seeing the Hulk, he came to believe that the mutation was his true son and sent his three gamma mutated dogs to attack Betty Ross who was saved by the Hulk. David would later attempt to replicate the Hulk's powers giving him the ability to absorb the properties of any substance. In an effort to absorb the Hulk, he and Bruce were captured by the military where David Banner bit into a electrical line becoming a being composed of energy. Bruce would become the Hulk and engage his father with the battle later culminating in a lake where David took the properties of stones and water before finally grabbing onto the gamma mutated beast to absorb his energy. However, the power proved to be to much to contain for David Banner causing him to swell into an energy. At this point, General Ross ordered a Gamma Charge bomb to be deployed that destroyed the bubble killing David Banner with his son Bruce Banner surviving the explosion.


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