Reginald Landers

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Dr. Reginald Landers

Petrie's Island's local doctor, Dr. Reginald Landers was the man whom a frantic Constable John Harris sought after discovering the completely boneless corpse of farmer Ian Bellows. Unable to determine what sort of disease could dissolve human bone completely, Landers went to the mainland and returned with Dr. David West and Dr. Brian Stanley. Landers worked closely with West and Stanley in their efforts to get to the bottom of the mystery, with the culprits eventually being revealed as genetically engineered monsters called silicates. The unfortunate Landers was killed by one of the creatures shortly after this discovery, when he attempted to kill one with an axe at the Phillips Laboratory. The silicate used its tentacle to seize the doctor's leg and inject its bone-dissolving enzyme into him, killing him almost instantly and sucking out his bones.

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