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Bronx (978 - ?) was the Manhattan Clan's resident gargoyle beast, who was among the few who survived the massacre at Castle Wyvern in 994. Like the other survivors (aside from Demona), he was imprisoned in stone form for 1000 years. Bronx helped the clan on many occasions, although his inability to fly limited his participation. Bronx came with Goliath and Elisa Maza on their journey to Avalon, helping Rory Dugan become Cu Chulainn and assisting on many other adventures. Bronx returned with the rest of the travelers, and has been with the Manhattan Clan ever since.

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

Eventually, Bronx and Boudicca would have become mates.

The Goliath Chronicles

In the Goliath Chronicles, Bronx had a solo adventure where he helped an Amish boy named Matthew.

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