Bruno Lampini

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Owner of the travelling show known as Professor Lampini's Chamber of Horrors, Bruno Lampini had in his possession the actual skeleton of Dracula, which he took from the vampire's castle in Carpathia. While travelling in a rainstorm, Lampini's wagon became stuck in the mud, and he and his assistant Sherman were unable to move it. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, Dr. Gustav Niemann, freshly escaped from prison, arrived. He and his assistant Daniel helped Lampini and Sherman free the wagon from the mud, and in return a grateful Lampini allowed the two men hitch a ride with him to the next town. This proved to be a fatal mistake on Lampini's part, for when he refused to take Niemann to Reigelberg, the mad scientist ordered Daniel to kill him. Daniel did so by breaking Lampini's neck, a rather unflattering end for the man who did indeed possess Dracula's skeleton.

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