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The Bureau of Strategic Emergency Command is an agency that features in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.



The Bureau of Strategic Emergency Command was a special government agency created on Earth in the mid-20th century. Its origins were traced during the Cold War period that existed between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. U.S. President John F. Kennedy authorised the creation of a special organization designed to coordinate American military forces in the event of the Soviet invasion of the United States. Thus, in 1962, the Bureau of Strategic Emergency Command had been created to fulfil this role with its Director being Myron Faulke. Around this time, humanity had been encountered an extraterrestrial force known as the Outsiders that were shown to be hostile and had been seen to be operating over a six month period. It was believed these entities had some link to a new super-element that had been discovered known as Elerium-115.

After the discovery of the Infiltrator, the Bureau instituted a new policy in screening all personnel that arrived in the base in order to find any more spies that had entered the facility. These physical screens were designed to discover any further Outsiders and were intended to be used until further means of detection could be discovered. This led to the discovery of a growing number of Sleepwalkers among personnel and these individuals were quarantined in order to determine the source of the infection. In secret, XCOM was also in the process of constructing a flying craft shaped in the form of a saucer designed to lead a critical strike against the enemy leader. The craft was designated as part of Project Avenger that was constructed from human technology and Outsider equipment acquired in the field. During this time, Bureau personnel had discovered a Russian spy within the base and apprehended him. A Mosaic Spire designated S-4 was another target for XCOM.


One of their research laboratory facilities was situated at Groom Range.

The laboratory in headquarters was known as "The Workshop" that was dedicated in studying the aliens and their technology. Staff at the facility were tasked with developing new weapons and equipment that were tested before being given to agents.

A number of scientific achievements were made by the scientists at the Bureau that included:

  • Project Avenger : this was a disc shaped flying craft that had become the staple of many science fiction movie of alien vessels. This craft was made with the latest developments created by the United States of America in the 1970's. It was only the arrival of the Outsiders and their alien technology that allowed it to be completed with the Avenger making use of many reverse engineered Zudjari sub-systems. The engines made use of an omnipropulsion system for take off and a Venn Gate for interstellar travel.
  • Elerium Coil-Transfer Rifle : this weapon operated similar to a tesla coil though the voltage was focused through a charged Elerium ballistics delivery system. Its initial size made it a large weapon that could not be holstered but had to be attached to a large power source though potential existed to miniaturize it. The power levels of the machine needed to be adjusted in order to control the discharges of these lightning cannons.
  • Elerium Bomb : a powerful explosive weapon that utilized Elerium as a power source. One was present at the Groom Lake facility and another was placed on the Avenger for detonation on the Outsider homeworld.

Researchers at X-COM managed to also reverse engineer further alien technology to better their own equipment such as improving the Skyranger helicopters through the study of Outsider Titans for better performance in the field. Scientists also intended to hybridize the alien weapons with that of conventional human armaments in order to improve their effectiveness. The operated by first testing and create the fundamental properties of the technology before considering miniaturization.

Clean-Up teams were deployed to eliminate any lingering traces of the aliens at a site.


  • Myron Faulke : male director of the Bureau that took command of American's military response to the Outsider invasion.
  • Angela Weaver : female top ranked agent of the Bureau who sought out the Outsider Axis who had abducted Weaver's older brother at some point in the past.
  • William Carter : male special agent recruited from the NSA during the Outsider invasion by Director Faulke in combating the alien forces.
  • Nico DeSilva : a male agent who was dispatched to New Mexico where he became infected with the Sleepwalker pathogen.
  • Heinrich Dresner : a male German physicist who was once part of Germany but defected to America after being disgusted with Nazi actions whereupon he aided the Bureau unofficially with combating the alien invasion.
  • Alan Weir' : a male doctor who served as a scientist in the Bureau.
  • Jeff Hara : a male doctor that was tasked by Dr Dresner with the study of Outsider bodies.
  • Kirkhope : a surgeon that had suffered severe blisters on his fingers as a result of the surgery designed to remove the overheated Outsider implants from a dead alien body.
  • Percy :
  • Scott : a doctor that was on the team that developed the Avenger and studied the alien seed terraforming systems.
  • Murphy : a doctor in the munitions development wing who helped create the Elerium Coil-Transfer Rifle.
  • Leon Barnes : a male pilot who operated the Skyranger helicopters.


  • The Bureau: XCOM Declassified:

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