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The CHAS, also known as the Cybernetic Humanoid Assault System, was a robotic machine that featured in Starship Troopers: Roughneck Chronicles.


Cybernetic Humanoid Assault System.

These Humanoid shaped machines were created by the United Citizens Federation for use agains the Arachnid in the war with Humanity and the insectoid species. They were created to serve as replacement troopers and a single unit was meant to replace an entire squad. During the middle stages of the war, the CHAS was developed with a prototype unit placed within Razack's Roughnecks for testing on Tophet. While an effective war machine, the units were decided to be too expensive and they were relegated to minor roles rather then be mass produced.

The CHAS was a blocky Human sized unit with two receptors to allow it to scan its surroundings. It was equipped with a hueristic processor allowing it to learn through its experiences. They were equipped with two arm mounted machine guns which could fire constantly allowing them to send a wave of surpressive fire to keep down enemy troops. Their chest could open up and fire a single explosive round while their shoulder was also equipped with a pop-up weapon. Their legs possessed thrusters allowing them to leap great distances giving them the capacity to quickly move across the battlefield.

A CHAS was programmed to preserve the life of Humans above their own which meant that they would willingly sacrifice themselves for a living being. Their processors allowed them to analyse situations quickly even to the extent of being able detect the pressure changes in a mine.

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