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CLU 2 is a program that features in Tron.



CLU 2 (Codified Likeness Utility) was a program that was created by Kevin Flynn after the discovery of the Grid. He was created from a prior program that was also created by Flynn and known as CLU. CLU was a hacking program that was made to expose the actions of Dillinger at ENCOM. During this time, he was found and captured by the Master Control Program who absorbed CLU. Around this time, Flynn had been digitized and began to exist within the Grid. It was with the aid of Tron and CLU that Flynn was able to free the Grid from the tyranny of the MCP. Afterwards, Flynn sought to help rebuild the Grid and to help him in this task he created a new program that he called CLU 2. Flynn, Tron and CLU 2 worked together in creating a new society for all programs that existed in the Grid. During their time there, they encountered a new form of life in the system with this being the ISOs. The discovery was believed to revolutionize the realm of science and bring about a miracle for the human world. However, CLU turned against Flynn who led a coup and intended to get both Kevin along with Tron killed. Kevin managed to escape through the sacrifice of Tron who battled CLU and he was seemingly killed. In reality, Tron was not killed but rather repurposed by CLU to be his enforcer who became the masked program known as Rinzler In the aftermath, Flynn attempted to bring about a resistance against CLU 2 but the program fed on the resistance where he became more powerful in the process. In time, he began to take control of the Grid that fell under his power. Among his actions was the destruction of the ISOs who he deemed as being imperfect with him conducting a genocidal purge of their number.

To break the stalemate, CLU 2 used his power in order to send a page into the human world. This page was transmitted from Flynn's pager and was sent to Alan Bradley's pager where the message asked Sam Flynn to come to the arcade where his fathers laboratory was situated. CLU's intention was for Sam to emerge onto the Grid and be a new piece he could use to change his game against Kevin Flynn. Upon arriving in the Grid, Sam was captured by CLU's forces and placed in the game where his existence was discovered by CLU 2.


Personality and attributes

He was created by Flynn with the purpose of making the perfect system. However, he became corrupted and this led to him turning against his User. CLU was noted to despise imperfection and sought its elimination. It was for this reason that he targeted the ISOs for elimination as he deemed them imperfect.

Powers and abilities

One weakness was through Reintegration with his User but the process was said to be fatal as it would kill both CLU and Flynn.


  • CLU 2 was physically played by John Reardon with actor Jeff Bridges providing the likeness and voice.

In other media


  • In Tron: Uprising, CLU 2 appeared as the main antagonist with him being voiced by actor Fred Tatasciore.

Video games

  • In Tron: Evolution, CLU 2 appeared as an antagonist with him being voiced by actor Fred Tatasciore.


  • Tron: Legacy:
  • Tron: Uprising:

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