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Calvin Rose is a male comic superhero that features in DC Comics.



At eight years old, he was locked inside a dog kennel by his father with the young Calvin thinking that he was going to die. His father had locked the cell and thrown away the key with him never seeing his father again. He managed to break the locks on the fence and escaped. Calvin ran constantly until exhaustion hit him which was when he was discovered by an old man from Haly's Circus that were heading towards their next show. They took Calvin with them where he learnt from the old man on how to become an escape artist. Across the summer, he learnt the skill and by age 10 he could escape from a straightjacket by 14 different ways. The old man who was his adoptive mentor eventually passed away with Calvin able to perform his act in full. At thirteen, he was set to become the star act of the biggest show in Gotham City. On the night before the premiere, he was tasked with making a private performance before the circus owner Mr. Haly. This was actually a performance before the Court of Owls with Calvin impressing them with them deciding to take the boy to be trained as one of their Talons. He accepted the position where he trained hard until his adulthood whereupon he embarked on the trial to become a Talon that involved killing his predecessor in the Labyrinth. He was left to stay with the corpse until he had come to terms with his new role but Calvin managed to escape where he surprised the Court by being within their meeting room. This act impressed the Grandmaster who ushered the man as the new Talon despite Calvin's initial distaste for murder. He was dispatched to break into the home of Casey Washington who owned a company called Securitus and eliminate her. Upon breaking in, he found the woman with her daughter Sarah Washington which convinced him that he could not murder them. He was discovered by Casey with Calvin knocking her out and taking her daughter as he decided to go on the run with them to protect them. As a result, Calvin was considered a traitor to the Court that became focused on recapturing him. (Talon v1 #0)

At thirteen, he was taken by the Court to their old abandoned Metropolitan Station. (Talon v1 #1)

In the wake of the Night of the Owls, it was believed that the Court was uncovered and defeated at the hands of Batman with 24 prominent businessmen that were members being found dead. Calvin came to believe that he had achieved true freedom from the secret society and decided to travel back to Gotham in order to confirm the Court's demise. Upon arriving in the city, he uncovered an old Court base where he was ambushed by a Talon and though he attempted to flee he was pursued by the assassin. He managed to render the Talon temporarily unconscious when he was approached by Sebastian Clark who dealt with the assassin and recovered the wounded Rose. When he regained consciousness, he attempted to escape but Clark told him that he had aided Calvin so that they could both get their revenge against the Court of Owls that was not destroyed but weakened. (Talon v1 #1)


Personality and attributes

After being taken in by the circus, Mr. Haly often told him tales of Houdini with secret tricks on how to be an escape artist. Among the main lessons he learnt that stuck with him was how the man kept a lockpick hidden in the calloused skin at the bottom of the foot. (Talon v1 #0)

He stated that he never sought to kill anyone. (Talon v1 #1)

Powers and abilities


  • The Calvin Rose Talon was created by James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder and Guillem March where he made his first appearance in Talon v1 #0 (November, 2012).

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