Captain Kusakari

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Kusakari aboard the Akatsuki

Captain Kusakari was the captain of the Interpol submarine Akatsuki, sent to locate the remains of Mechagodzilla off the coast of Okinawa. Instead, he found Titanosaurus, who attacked the Akatsuki while being controlled by Katsura Mafune and sank it. Remarkably, Kusakari and his crew survived and were captured by the black hole aliens. Kusakari later escaped from their base on Manazura Island, after having his ability to speak somehow surgically removed. He encountered Yamoshita, and gave him a piece of space titanium to give to Chief Tagawa, before being recaptured by Tsuda and several armed Simeon guards. He was then executed on Tsuda's order.


Kusakari's death was cut out of the US release of Terror of Mechagodzilla.

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