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Cardassians are a species that feature in Star Trek.



Their origins were traced to an ancient humanoid race who around 4.5 billion years ago seeded many worlds with the DNA to guide evolution to a form resembling their own with the resultant Klingon's being one of he species that developed these DNA sequences. (Episode: The Chase)

During their early history, they were noted to had been a peaceful and spiritual people during the time of the First Hebitian Civilization. During this time, Cardassians collected works of art from all over the Alpha Quadrant with their world boasting vast wealth of art and culture. During this era, their people were said to had created elaborate burial vaults that contained unimaginable treasures. However, Cardassia eventually experienced a lack of natural resources that caused terrible famine leading to the decay of the Hebitian civilization. In this era, starving Cardassians plundered the ruins and looted them for their relics in order to sell them to provide for themselves. It was during this time that a military dictatorship emerged that came to power that transformed their civilization greatly. (Episode: Chain of Command)


The neck ridges were sensitive to touch with massaging them stimulating pleasure. (DS9: Profit and Loss)

Their public behavior operated similar to that of a wolf pack with them often seeking out the dominant position in any social gathering. (Episode: Chain of Command)

During romantic courtships, Cardassian couples routinely acted bitter and snapped at one another with this indicating romantic attention but could cause misunderstandings with off-worlders. (Episode: Destiny)

A ritual within their culture was the shri-tal was conducted by those dying where they gave their secrets to their family for use against their enemies. (Episode: Ties of Blood and Water)

The Cardassian legal system revolved around the concept of a 'show trial' with guilt being determined prior to the actual trial. The event itself was intended to force the accused person to make a public confession of their guilt to demonstrate the power of the state. Thus, the verdict was always guilty and the sentence was always death with the defendant having few or no rights. (Episode: Tribunal)


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In other media

Video games

  • In Stark Trek: Armada II, the Cardassians appeared as a playable faction in the real-time strategy video game.


  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9: "Ties of Blood and Water"

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