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The Centauri Republic is a government that features in the Babylon 5 universe.



The Centauri Republic was an interstellar government created by the Centauri. At their height, the empire ruled entire quadrants and were a powerful force in the galaxy. (Movie: The Gathering)

At some point, an Emperor from House Mollari ascended to the throne though his end was noted to had gone badly. (Episode: Strange Relations) In the height of the Republic, the Centauri expanded in all directions but never opposed the Minbari. (Movie: In the Beginning) During the Narn rebellion, the Centauri decided their resistance needed to be discouraged and thus bombed seven of the major cities on the Narn homeworld for six straight days for around 31 hours a day. (Episode: A View from the Gallery)

During the last century, the Centauri were no longer the great power that once dominated the galaxy. It was in this time that they encountered Earth where they lied and claimed that they still ruled much of known space in order to better their position with humans. They also fabricated another lie by stating that mankind was in fact a lost Centauri colony and that their visual similarities demonstrated this claim until Earth managed to acquire a sample of Centauri DNA thus disproving this claim. (Episode: Midnight on the Firing Line) Around 2161, the Centauri were noted for being responsible for giving Jumpgate technology to mankind. (Movie: Thirdspace) They began to suffer a decline with Ambassador Londo Mollari dispatched to Babylon 5 in order to link their fate to the Earth Alliance. (Movie: The Gathering)

In 2243, Ambassador Londo Mollari was consulted by members of the Earth Alliance who intended to send a probe into Minbari space in order to ascertain whether they would oppose humanity's expansion. Mollari attempted to dissuade them from engaging in this expedition but the Alliance personnel refused and thus he reluctantly gave the information on the location of Minbari outposts that was requested. Afterwards, the Earth-Minbari War erupted following the death of Minbari leader Dukhat at the hands of mankind. In 2245, members of the Earth Alliance consulted Ambassador Mollari again in order to enlist limited support from the Centauri Republic. This would be in the form of strategic and tactical support along with weapons but the Centauri refused to do so as they feared the Minbari would attack them as a result. (Movie: In the Beginning)

The outlying Centauri colony of Ragesh III suffered an unprovoked attack and occupation by the Narn Regime who claimed that they had been invited to liberate the planet by its populace. (Episode: Midnight on the Firing Line) Afterwards, there were attempts at formal negotiations on Babylon 5 to discuss the fate of the Euphrates sector with the Narn. (Episode: Born to the Purple)

The ailing Centauri Emperor made the journey to Babylon 5 where he secretly intending to meet with the Narn on neutral ground to apologise over the actions of his people to the inhabitants of Narn. However, he fell gravely ill during this time and was tended to by doctors though he was not expected to make a recovery. Around this time, elements within the Republic had formed a secret alliance with the Shadows who struck the Narn Regime colony at Quadrant 14. At that time, the Emperor had died and the war-seeking elements within the Republic claimed that it was their rulers wish to reclaim their lost territory. The attack led to the Narn formally declaring against the Centauri Republic over the destruction of their colony. (Episode: The Coming of Shadows)

Despite the defeat of the Narn, the Centauri military campaigns and expansion began to affect other races that included both the Drazi as well as Pak'ma'ra. Both species territories had been invaded with one of the Drazi's listening posts being 'liberated' though they stated that this was only establishing a presence with rumors stating that they were going to attack other races as well as worlds. These acts threatened to destabilize the entire region though the Centauri Republic claimed that they were creating a buffer zone around their empire in order to decrease the risk of conflict and lessen tensions. Though other races stated that these were invasions the Centauri officially claimed that these were exaggerations by the other species. During this time, the Earth Alliance proceeded with efforts to sign a non-aggression pact with the Centauri Republic in order to prevent hostilities between the two governments. Afterwards, the Centauri continued their expansion into the territory of the other member races of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. (Episode: The Fall of Night) As part of the Narn treaty, all Narn vessels were to be surrendered to Centauri custody. (Episode: Walkabout) In this time, the Shadow's agents had secured an alliance with Lord Refa and used him to engage in dozens of smaller conflicts. This saw Ambassador Mollari blackmail Refa with the use of poison in order to get him to end his alliance with Mr Morden. (Episode: Ceremonies of Light and Dark) As a result, he attracted the ire of Mr Morden who wanted an agent in the Centauri Royal Court and attempted to convince him to change his mind. When Mollari refused then Mr Morden decided to punish Londo by secretly assassinating his lover Adira. (Episode: Interludes and Examinations)

After the incident at Z'ha'dum, the Shadow's sought to move their ships to safety on allied worlds to protect them from retaliation during the lull in fighting. This saw Emperor Cartagia agreeing to give an island to the Shadow's for their vessels with those in the Centaurum opposing this move being quietly executed. Upon learning of this fact, Ambassador Mollari determined that Cartagia was a mad man who intended to become elevated to godhood. (Episode: The Hour of the Wolf) This saw him instigating a plot to eliminate the mad Emperor using the seemingly public execution of Citizen G'Kar on Narn but was used as a means of quietly assassinating Cartagia. No clear line of succession was present at this point as Cartagia seemingly had no heir thus Londo Mollari was appointed Prime Minister of the Republic and as a result was the Centauri leader. He claimed that the death of the Emperor indicated that Narn was a troublesome world to control and that the Centauri should pull away from the occupied colonies with this decision being agreed by his supporters. (Episode: The Long Night) Afterwards, he seeded warheads on the Isle of Celini and ordered Mr. Morden to remove the Shadow vessels from Centauri Prime but when he refused Prime Minister Mollari detonated the explosives thus destroying the entire island along with the vessels on it. This was in order to convince the Vorlons that they had removed their world of Shadow influence. The Vorlon's, however, would have destroyed Centauri Prime had the Battle of Coriana VI not been concluded leading to all the First Ones departing known space with the Centauri homeworld spared from destruction. (Episode: Into the Fire)

Following the Shadow War, Ambassador Mollari managed to convince his government to give their full official support to Sheridan's bid to overthrow President Clark's hold over the Earth Alliance. (Episode: No Surrender, No Retreat) The Regent at this point also fell ill and it was expected he would pass away soon which was why the Royal Court desired Mollari to return to Centauri Prime in order to become emperor. (Episode: Rising Star) An attempt was made to assassinate Ambassador Mollari when he was scheduled to be transported by a cruiser back to Centauri Prime. He was unable to be transported to the craft and on its attempt to return to homeworld it was destroyed as a result of Centauri explosives detonated. (Episode: Strange Relations)

In that time, it was discovered that the Centauri had been directly responsible for the raids on the Interstellar Alliance. This saw the Centauri being sanctioned and blockaded until they paid for the damages they had been done. The Republic in response categorically denied involvement in the attacks and led to their withdrawal from the Interstellar Alliance whilst not recognizing the blockade. Their civilian ships would be accompanied by their warships and any attack on them would lead to an official declaration of war. Afterwards, a armed Centauri convoy attempted to break a blockade where it encountered a Drazi fleet and opened fire leading to war being declared against the Interstellar Alliance. (Episode: And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder)

During the Centauri War, the Drazi fleet around their Draxis colony was struck and they also began targeting enemy Jumpgates that violated all the conventions of warfare among the spacefaring races. At the height of the conflict, the Regent was commanded to send all the ships guarding Centauri Prime on a false emergency and turning off the planetary defense network. This allowed a Drazi and Narn fleet to arrive around the Centauri homeworld in order to bombard it from orbit. (Episode: Movements of Fire and Shadow) Centauri Prime was devastated in the process with the Regent dying with the reason for the conflict being blamed on his mad actions. Emperor Londo Mollari took the throne who was secretly being controlled by the Drakh where the Centauri declared their surrender. They were forced to pay reparations to the Interstellar Alliance for the worlds harmed in their attacks. These reparation's drained from the Centauri economy that would have been used to rebuild the damage done to their people breeding resentment towards the Alliance. In response, the Republic left the Interstellar Alliance and announced that they would embark on an isolationist policy in order to rebuild. (Episode: The Fall of Centauri Prime)


Leadership of their empire lay in the Emperor who was assisted by the Prime Minister that managed the Senate. (Episode: Signs and Portents) The emperor was considered the soul of the people and the center of the Republic. (Episode: The Hour of the Wolf) Tasters were present within the Emperor's court who checked on his food and drink. (Episode: The Long Night) Custom held that upon the death of the emperor that the royal consort spoke in spirit on his behalf and thus they spoke in the plural as if the deceased ruler now resided within her even if a new leader had been chosen. (Episode: Point of No Return) Only the emperor was allowed to wear the seal of the Centauri Republic that indicated their position of authority among their people. (Movie: In the Beginning) Their complete authority extended to the ruler ship of 40 billion Centauri. (Episode: Day of the Dead) Typically, the Emperor's entourage consisted of pairs of female Centauri telepaths that wore veils. These individuals were raised together since birth and were linked constantly to one another no matter the distance between them. Thus, whatever one saw, the other was capable of seeing as well with this talent being used by the Emperor. Traditionally, whenever the Emperor left the Homeworld, he had two of his telepaths accompany him whilst another two remained behind at the Royal Palace. This guaranteed them being kept aware of evens back on Homeworld and letting them know of any developments involving the Emperor. (Episode: The Coming of Shadows)

Regents were selected as a ceremonial role for holding the throne until a new emperor could be selected. (Episode: Epiphanies) To refuse the order of the Regent was an act punishable with death. (Episode: And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder) The Prime Minister was not able to countermand the order of the emperor with the Regent only able to accomplish such a task. (Episode: A Tragedy of Telepaths) There were a number of posts held by Ministers with these including those governing War, Intelligence, Security and Transportation. (Episode: Into the Fire) Within the Royal Court, a position of authority was that of advisor on matters of planetary security. (Episode: Z'ha'dum) Royal physicians were positions held by those in the medical profession who tended to the emperor. (Episode: The Long Night) The Royal Court were trained not to observe events that were inappropriate. (Episode: A Tragedy of Telepaths) Leading members were given the title of Vocator. (Episode: Knives)

A body present within the Republic was the Centaurum that consisted of the various leading houses in the nation. (Episode: Knives) Two of the oldest houses in the royal court were House Mollari and House Refa. (Episode: And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place) One of the old ways of the Republic was the use of poison against other members in the royal court. (Episode: Ceremonies of Light and Dark) For years, it quickly became a common fact that inaugurations were simply signals for an assassin that a new target had entered into the firing range. (Episode: No Compromise) The noble houses kept their power by collecting damaging information on each other that could disgrace their foes. (Episode: Born to the Purple)

The power of their monarchy meant that the authority of the emperor was supreme and on occasion sometimes an order would be given that would never be countermanded. As such, there were occasions where an order was given under a previous reign that were never countermanded and thus followed by future generations to the point that knowledge of the order was forgotten except within the archives. An example came where two hundred years ago the emperor's daughter assigned a guard to protect the first blooming flower that emerged in winter and never revoked this command. Thus, for the next two centuries a guard would be assigned to the same spot with the reason forgotten by future generations. (Episode: A Tragedy of Telepaths) Among the oldest symbols of authority within the Republic was an artifact known as the Eye. (Episode: Signs and Portents)

Slavery was a practice that was legal within the Republic with those contracted meant that their owners were held responsible for any crime that their property committed in their life. (Episode: Born to the Purple)

Members of the imperial palace guard had specially crafted buttons for their uniform which were decorated with the seal of Emperor Tuscano who first commissioned the guard. (Episode: The Ragged Edge) When not in conflict, production of war material was dropped by 25% with this being redirected to domestic affairs such as research and development. (Episode: A Tragedy of Telepaths)

Their military tactics were noted for being quite thorough as their strategy involved the process of attacking, neutralizing and securing targets before continuing with the next assault. (Episode: The Long, Twilight Struggle) Other species were known to be familiar with Centauri combat models and tactics. (Episode: The Fall of Night)

In their decline, the Republic had been reduced to around twelve planets with a thousand monuments and selling trinkets to others. (Movie: The Gathering) It was not their policy in giving advanced weapons to developing worlds. (Movie: In the Beginning)


They were stated to be the second oldest of the younger races behind the Minbari with technology much more advanced than the likes of humanity. (Movie: In the Beginning) Centauri fighter pilots were willing to put their craft on auto-pilot and risk blacking out if it allowed them to get the optimum firing position when they regained consciousness. (Episode: The Fall of Night)

Solid Kirrilium was a metal that was used to construct strong material such as chains. (Episode: The Long Night) Tenastacine was a rare Centauri drug that was very rare and expensive. (Episode: The Exercise of Vital Powers) Other medication included a blue liquid that could cure flu-like symptoms in the span of two to three hours. (Movie: In the Beginning)

Electro-whips were said to give increasing levels of pain each time it was used with forty strokes able to kill even a Narn. (Episode: The Summoning) Special assassination devices were able to inject small doses of neurotoxin that could simulate heart failure instantaneously where an organic sealant was used to cover the entry wound thus masking the true nature of the targets death. (Episode: The Long Night) Centauri energy weapons were designed to function more alike projectile weapons where they exploded upon striking instead of sliced through the target. (Episode: And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder) Their arsenal included the use of mass drivers that were weapons of mass destruction banned by galactic treaties due to the destruction they did to planetary surfaces. (Episode: The Long, Twilight Struggle)

Centauri vessels had the means of projecting a tractor beam style effect in order to latch onto nearby ships. (Episode: The Fall of Centauri Prime)


  • Centauri Prime :
  • Ragesh 3 : an agricultural civilian base with 5000 colonists that was for a time occupied by the Narn Regime. (Episode: Midnight on the Firing Line)
  • Gorash 7 : a supply point for the main Centauri fleet during the Narn-Centauri War where Warleader G'Sten sought to destroy but his armada was destroyed by the Shadows. (Episode: The Long, Twilight Struggle)


  • The Centauri Republic was created by J. Michael Straczynski and featured in the setting of Babylon 5.


  • Babylon 5: "Signs and Portents"

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