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"Damn fine one, Mr. Verrill."

This unnamed college professor appears in two of Jordy Verrill's fantasy sequences. Upon initially finding the meteor, Jordy imagines selling it to the professor (who is in charge of the "Department of Meteors" at "the college") for $200. When the meteor cracks in half, Jordy further imagines the professor refusing to even pay 2 cents for "a broken meteor."


  • The professor appears in The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill.
  • Unlike most of the other people who appear in Jordy's fantasies (his father, Dr. Geeson, etc.), it is unknown if this professor is intended to represent a specific person Jordy knows. Considering the unlikelihood of any college having a "Department of Meteors," it's possible the professor is just what Jordy imagines such a person to be/look like.
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