Conner McKnight

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Conner McKnight is the Red Dino Thunder Ranger. Conner attends school at Reefside High School. He enjoys sports and plays soccer. Conner was placed in detention, by Principal Randall, with Kira Ford, and Ethan James. While in detention with Dr. Oliver, they went searching for dinosaur fossils, and the three students fell into a sinkhole that led to the DT Lab. In the lab, he took the Red Dino Gem and was infused with enhanced speed. Given a Dino Morpher by Dr. Oliver, he was made the Red Ranger and was able to take control of the Tyrannozord.

Conner later gained control of the Red Raptor Rider and the Red Raptor Cycle. Conner was not totally committed to being the Red Ranger. He was the first to summon Super Dino Mode. Conner had learned that Trent was the evil White Ranger. He was not very trustful of Trent, knowing that he was the guy who have been trying to destroy him. Conner was exposed to a mysterious meteorite at one point that made him book smart.

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