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Elsa is Mesogog's second in command. She was once the Reefside civilian, Elsa Randall, who was abducted by Mesogog, and turned her into his mutant servant, Elsa. She is a capable fighter and accomplished swordsman. Elsa leads a double life as a spy for Mesogog at Reefside High, where she masquerades as the school head, Principal Randall.

She is increasingly bitter and frustrated at her continuing defeats at the hands of Tommy and his young Ranger team. Elsa had found a Dino Egg and had hatched it, raising the Dino Zords to make be under her control. While in her Randall guise, she attempted to show romantic interest in Tommy in order to defeat him. Elsa had disliked Zeltrax as she would always insult him. Elsa had gained a new hairdo and earned a new partner, the White Ranger Clone.

She was eventually on her own when both Zeltrax and the White Ranger Clone was gone from Mesogog's company. Elsa had a plan to get rid of Mesogog when he is in the form of Anton Mercer. Elsa was exposed as Principal Randall, when Tommy walked in on her transformation from Randall to Elsa. Still in the guise of Randall, Elsa had fought Tommy in front of the school yard, as well as in front of the students. She had later resigned her place as principal, and almost exposed Trent's secret about Mesogog being Anton Mercer.

Mesogog had sacrificed Elsa to power up his mutation cannon. Elsa had returned to her civilian form, and was captured by Zeltrax. Elsa was made bait for the DinoThunder Rangers to save, and later he would follow them to their secret hideout. Elsa had remembered who she was as Mesogog's servant. Elsa was later captured by Zeltrax, again, and was held hostage by him in his own zord. Elsa was later rescued by the Rangers and was made principal once again at Reefside High.

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