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The Consensus of Parts were a machine race that appeared in an episode of Andromeda.



Official first contact between the Consensus came after the Fall of the Systems Commonwealth. This came when an emissary designated HG-966GXCN5 met the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant. Upon arriving on the Glorious Heritage class Heavy Cruiser, he directed the crew to meet a Consensus starship in order to discuss negotiations. After reaching the designated coordinates, it was revealed that the Consensus of Parts had no intention of opening diplomatic ties but rather to invite the Rommie AI to join their ranks as they believed in the freedom of artificial beings. However, she refused which was an option that the Consensus did not accept and instead they pursued the Andromeda Ascendant. This was partly also due to the fact that the unit HG had stowed away onboard the Commonwealth vessel despite being ordered to disassemble. The confrontation between the Consensus vessel and Andromeda Ascendant was a short one as the machine race's starship was far superior. A victory was only achieved when HG convinced a number of other free-floating Consensus parts to be free as individuals where they joined with the Glorious Heritage Heavy Cruiser thus augmenting it whereupon they destroyed the Consensus vessel. These new free parts decided to form their own free Consensus where they learnt the concept of freedom. (Episode: The Sum of Its Parts)


A member of the Consensus.


  • According to the unproduced episode "Coda" by Robert Hewitt Wolfe, in the Future Possible Future envisioned by the Lucifers the Consensus would have engaged in a war against the restored Commonwealth and nearly destroyed it. In their act of absorbing the enemy fleet, they assimilated a cybernetic Seamus Harper who's mind overwhelms the Consensus just as his body dies allowing him to take control of them whereupon he creates a fourth state that was equal to the Commonwealth, Nietzean Empire and the Wayist church who later participate in the final war against the Spirit of the Abyss.

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