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The Lambent Kith Nebula were a race of avatars of suns that featured in Andromeda.



According to Robert Hewitt Wolfe, the Lucifers were to use the Pyrians as footsoldiers against the Magog with a later post stating that they were designed to be the Lightbringers servants in a similar manner as the Magog.


The Lambent Kith Nebula were the supreme council of the Avatars of the Sun and governed the galaxies. Its members consisted of fifty Avatars most of which were identical to the appearance of Trance Gemini who herself was the oldest of the group. The Nebula had a dismissive view of organic life and believed it to be insignificant; a stance which was sharply disagreed upon by Trance who left the Nebula long ago.

Maura served as the head of the Nebula before the revelation of her true allegiances.

According to Robert Hewitt Wolfe's post, his original name for the species was going to be the Lucifers or Lightbringers with them being a chaotic race who did not cooperate well with one another.


  • Trance Gemini :
  • Flux : a blue skinned male servant for Fletcher and Duran who seemed harmless and spoke in a polite tone. He urged Trance to not defy their brothers and sisters as well as asked for her to return to them but she refused. (Episode: In Heaven Now Are Three)
  • Azazel : a female member of the Nebula who was dispatched to lead the Pyrians as it was deemed by her people that they were more worthy race in fighting the forces of the Abyss. (Episode: Point of the Spear)
  • Ione : a male avatar of Tarn-Vedra's moon who was on Seefra-2 after losing his memories, he became aware of his past after kissing Trance Gemini but after releasing he could not be with her - he decided to tesseract out of that plane of existence. (Episode: Moonlight Becomes You)
Ione's existence seems to be an anomaly as all other known members of the Nebula were avatars of the sun rather than of planets.


  • According to the unproduced episode "Coda" by Robert Hewitt Wolfe, the origins of the Avatars of the Sun was more fully explained with their name being "Lightbringers" or "Lucifers" that pre-dated the Big Bang along with the Spirit of the Abyss. During that time, it was stated that the Lucifers grew bored with existence and thus instigated a war against the Abyss which in turn brought about the Big Bang which created the universe. Since that time, they engaged in a constant cycle of creation and destruction with the Abyss after creating the Engine of Creation to suit their purposes. In the Perfect Possible Future, Trance Gemini would have brought Dylans restored Commonwealth alongside with Tyr Nietzschean Empire, Rev Bem's Wayist church and Harper's Consensus of Parts in a final war against the Abyss with the Lucifers allies the Pyrians.

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