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The Creators were the three main toad scientists led by Dr. Hopkins who designed and built KOMPLEX. The other two scientists were Dr. Wartimer and Dr. Croakley. When KOMPLEX took over the toad race, the Creators somehow avoided being brainwashed, and KOMPLEX sought to dispose of them so they could never use their knowledge of his inner-workings against him. However, because KOMPLEX was programmed to be unable to harm his builders, he could only have the Creators put into suspended animation and shot into space aboard a toad cruiser. One-hundred years later, a stray meteor jostled the Creators out of their stasis and they sought to get to Genus to be safe from KOMPLEX's wrath. They eventually made it with the help of Bucky O'Hare and Blinky, but were unable to provide the mammals with a means of shutting KOMPLEX down.

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