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Creed Diskenth is a male anime and Manga villain that features in Black Cat.



In the first volume, Creed is hired as Torneo Rudman's bodyguard, but later it turns out he is using him all along. He captures Rinslet Walker, and uses her in order to force Train to join the campaign to rid the world of Chronos. They duel, the battle ends in his favor after Train sacrifices his right arm. Creed later sents one his allies, Doctor to reattach Train's arm. Several days later, he gathers all his allies and terrorizes a remote island, this forces Chronos to take action and also calls Train to join them.

When Chronos spots the Apostles' hideout, they sent the Cerberus Unit to capture him. He confronts both Chronos and Train, who refuses to join him. Getting himself confused, he is hit by Beluga J.Heard and also his left arm is severed, although it is later recreated by the immortality nanomachines. Because of Train's renouncement, Creed shows up in front of Sven, accusing him for turning Train into a sweeper, and tries to inject him with the Lucifer bullet, but he accidentally shoots Train instead.

Creed and the rest of the Apostles remain on Clarken Island, waiting for Train to show up so that he could release him from Saya's spell; Train however, says that he came only to capture him as a sweeper, this enrages him. He fights and defeats Sephiria Arks, and later confronts Train. They duel, with his Imagine Blade Lv.3 and Nano Technology help him to heal his wounds, at the beginning, Creed seems to be superior, but when he unleashes his full power, Train uses his Railgun and burst the Blade, Creed is finally defeated. Creed requests Train to kill him, but Eve uses her power to remove the immortality nanomachines inside him. With his ultimate defeat, he retreats with Echidna, asking her why she did not let them kill him, she replies that she wants him to remain normal. In the end, he is leaving in a quiet place with her; due to the damages taken, Creed eventually has to use a wheelchair.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Creed possesses enigmatic and frightening powers that stem from his manipulation of Chi through Tao, which manifest themselves in his "Imagine Blade", which was originally called the 'Kotetsu'. He can transform his Imagine Blade into four difference appearances: Lv.1, the invisible-bladed sword with blue transparent; Lv.2, the black blade with the shaped of a monster-head, this can also use to bite his enemies; Lv.3, the form where it's not exactly a blade, but a giant cutting mutant arm implanted into his right shoulder; Lv.Max, the strongest form where the arm creates a light blade similar to a lightsaber. Creed can also change the size and length of his blade. In the manga, he stated that he can max it to eighty meters.

He also possesses the power of immortal nanomachines that allow him to heal his mortal wounds, even if his body is crushed into dust. In both the manga and anime, he is defeated after Train blastes his Imagine Blade


  • Creed Diskenth was created by Kentaro Yabuki.

In other media


  • In Black Cat, Creed Diskenth appeared in the anime series where he was voiced by Japanese actor Shinichiro Miki and English actor Chris Patton in the dubbed series. He was shown with a younger appearance, more dangerous and seemingly became more obsessed with Train, which could be perceived as love. His skills are also shown to have become more superior. He convinces Train to finish his job in the Eve arc. He appears again in which he has gathered the Apostles before he kills Saya, he injures Train in the wharf fight, and vanishes. He did not appear in six months until the attacks on Chronos, like in the manga, he convinces Train to join them, but this is foiled with Durham's interference. Unlike the manga, he did not capture Rinslet, his right arm was not shot off, and he did not intend to attack Sven (although he still judges him as filth). After the castle incident, he resides on Clarken Island, and offers other sweepers his bounty; thus, later leads to the Sweeper Alliance and Chronos' assault. At the moment he faces Sephiria, he easily defeats her and then confronts Train, he finally admits that the only way to release Train from "Saya's spell" is to kill him. When he nearly kills him, Train uses his Orichalcum bullet and blasts Creed's sword, defeating him. His immortality nanomachines are later removed and he retreats with Echidna. Creed did not show up until the Eden arc when he looks up at the sky, noticing the changes. He shows up inside Eden, and helps Train by fighting Mason, who calls him a failure. During their fight, Echidna is injured, this triggers his rage. In the end, Creed is seen living peacefully in the country with Echidna.


  • Black Cat:

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