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Crimson Denizens are entities that feature in Shakugan no Shana.



Crimson Denizens (紅世の徒 Guze no Tomogara?), also simply called Denizen (徒 Tomogara?), were the mystical inhabitants of another plane known as the Crimson Realm.

In ancient times, the people of the Crimson Realm openly appeared to humans as various types of mythological gods, demons, fairies and even wizards. By the latter 19th century though, advances in human society along with increased use of Fuzetsu led to them to hide their true form as well as assuming human forms.


They were able to freely manipulate Power of Existence that could be collected from either manipulation spells or the use of Tools. After being born, a Denizen immediately gained consciousness and knowledge of their own powers whilst they began their struggle for survival. When annihilated, all human memories of them and the objects they left behind would disappear from existence.

Newborn Denizens emerge from the Crimson Realm and were born with immediately with consciousness and knowledge of their abilities along with engaging in the struggle to continue their existence.

There were various different kinds of Denizens that included:

  • Rinne : the name translated to mean Servant or light-bearing child were created by Denizens to serve them. They were created by their masters as unstable existences requiring constant Power of Existence either through direct consumption or through their creator to maintain their lifespan. Once their master was killed, they began to slowly vanish no matter how much existence they consumed.
  • Crimson Lord :
  • Crimson God (神 Kami?) : the term used to describe Crimson Lords that had more power than most Crimson Lords with each holding a duty of materializing the very laws of the Crimson Realm.

Crimson Lords when they resided within a contractors body as part of their terms of joining with a Flame Haze afforded to their host a God's Vessel. These were used to express their will and talk to other people. Each of these Vessels were unique and could only be possessed by a Flame Haze. If damaged, they were able to be repaired or recreated as the Crimson Lord resided within the contractors body and not in the Vessel itself. A God Vessel could teleport themselves back to wherever their contractors.

They were able to cast a number of Unrestricted Spells that achieved various different feats. One among these was the Fūzetsu (封絶?, Seal, lit. "Seal of Suppression") that created a special dimension whereby the Crimson Realm and real world intermingled leading to time stopping for ordinary living beings.


  • Orgon :



  • Shakugan no Shana:

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