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The Crimson Dynamo is the name of several characters in the Marvel Universe.


Crimson Dynamo (Anton Vanko)

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Ivan Vanko's nephew Arthur Vanko came to be a physicist and engineer who became a radical political idealist who resented his uncle. He came to study his uncle's research and developed a new version of the Crimson Dynamo armor that was powered by gamma radiation with this being sold to terrorists who used them in their operations. (Thunderbolts v2 #9)

Crimson Dynamo (Boris Turgenov)

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Crimson Dynamo (Alexander Nevsky)

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Crimson Dynamo (Yuri Petrovich)

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Crimson Dynamo (Dmitri Bukharin)

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Crimson Dynamo (Valentin Shatalov)

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Crimson Dynamo (Galina Nemirovsky)

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A formal training system was applied for the selection of these operatives with this becoming the Federal Dynamo program. (Darkstar & the Winter Guard v1 #1) Crimson Dynamo pilots were said to be difficult to train yet easy to replace. (Hulk: Winter Guard v1 #1)

Variations of the armor included:

  • Mark XIII : said to be far more manoeuvrable than previous versions. (Hulk: Winter Guard v1 #1)
  • Ultra-Dynamo Armor : noted for its superior firepower, durability and targeting era. (Hulk: Winter Guard v1 #1) Pilots were able to operate its heavy weaponry via a neural response keyed to their brain. (Darkstar & the Winter Guard v1 #1)


  • The concept of the Crimson Dynamo was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck where it made its first appearance in Tales of Suspense v1 #46 (October, 1963).

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