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Crimson Dynamo Dmitri Bukharin in Darkstar and the Winter Guard v1 #1.

Dmitri Bukharin is a male comic character who features in Marvel Comics.




Dmitri Bukharin (Russian: Дмитрий Бухарин)

After Alex Nevesky disappeared, the Crimson Dynamo armour was confiscated by the state and given to Bukharin to be the new pilot of the suit. (Iron Man v1 #109)


Crimson Dynamo

Darkstar and Vanguard later went to seek out Bukharin who was residing at his home in the Ural Mountains where they asked for him to join the reformed Winter Guard. The Russian super-powered team had been recreated at the behest of the Executive Committee's orders in order to deal with the threat of Namor who had begun expunging any surface dweller influence from the oceans. The Sub-Mariners efforts had led to the death of a number of Russian sailors in the Black Sea with the government looking for his arrest. At first, Dmitri refused as he had no intention of becoming a puppet of the Russian government again despite an offer to become a minister for superhuman defence. However, he was convinced due to mounting global tensions as he was placed as leader of the Winter Guard as he resumed his role as the Crimson Dynamo. He led the team in battling Namor during the fight between his Defenders of the Deep with the Avengers. At first, the Winter Guard fought alongside the Avengers in fighting their Atlantean foes but an incident caused the two superhero teams to attack one another instead. This allowed Namor to escape and rising tensions between the two teams until the Red Widow called the Winter Guard off as she retained considerable power over the Russian heroes as she had been dispatched with the authority of the Executive Committee. (Avengers v8 #10)


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Bukharin was a bald-headed Russian male with a moustache and beard. (Iron Man v1 #109)

Initially, he felt a need to prove himself worthy to wear the mantle of the Crimson Dynamo. (Iron Man v1 #112)

Powers and abilities

It was said that the armour was the pride of Soviet technology. (Iron Man v1 #109)


  • Dmitri Bukharin as the Crimson Dynamo was created by Bill Mantlo and Carmine Infantino where he made his first appearance in Iron Man v1 #109 (April, 1978).

Alternate Versions

In other media

Video games

  • In Lego Marvel's Avengers, Dmitri Bukharin as the Crimson Dynamo appeared as a playable character in the setting of the video game where he was voiced by actor Wally Wingert.


  • Iron Man v1: (1978)
  • Avengers v8:

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