Cult of the Cold Flame

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The Cult of the Cold Flame is an organization that features in DC Comics.




The Cult of the Cold Flame


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. One account held that the Cult of the Cold Flame was formed decades ago by a group of magic users that had been corrupted by the temptations of magic. These magicians included Zatara, Mister E, Sargon the Sorcerer and Tannarak. (Constantine v1 #1)

For years, the cultists targeted Nick Necro and Zatanna due to them opposing their plans. This changed when Necro began to be obsessed with attaining ultimate mystical knowledge that resided in the fabled Books of Magic. At the time, Necro and Zatanna were romantically involved but his obsession with the books caused a distance between them leading to her finding solace with John Constantine. For this perceived act of betrayal, Necro decided to align himself with the Cult and turned on his former friends. (Justice League Dark v1 #0)

The Cult was attacked by the Otherkind with many of its members being slain as the otherdimensional beings began to feast on the magic in the universe. Wonder Woman and Zatanna were both directed to the cult to find clues on the whereabouts of Mordru but found the cultists slain. However, Zatanna did find a journal in Tannarak's lair that spoke of her father meeting Mordru and Circe years ago. (Justice League Dark v2 #9)


In appearance, the Cult of the Cold Flame were described as being a group consisting of apocalyptic black magic cultists who had a strong arsenal of mystical spells. (Justice League Dark v1 #0)


  • Mister E :
  • Tannarak :
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  • The Cult of the Cold Flame were created by Neil Gaiman and Scott Hampton where they made their first appearance in Books of Magic v1 #2 (January, 1991).


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