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The Fury.

The Fury is a male comic character who features in Marvel Comics.



The Fury was Captain Britain's most feared enemy. A "cybiote," the Fury was created on Earth-238 by that world's Mad Jim Jaspers. The Fury was designed to hunt down and destroy every super-powered being on the planet (save Jaspers himself), and did so brutally and efficiently. The entire superhero population of Earth-238 fell or fled before the Fury's assault, after which it remained on hold for further use.

That use came when Captain Britain came to Earth-238, after Merlin brought him there to help turn around that backwards Earth. As Jaspers' powers peaked and the world began to collapse, the Status Crew sent the Fury to attack, whereupon it quickly slew the Captain's friend Jackdaw and Saturnyne's aide Dimples. Captain Britain tried to battle it, but was ultimately disintegrated by the monstrosity. Earth-238's natural laws continued to break down, and ultimately Mandragon, temporary leader of the Dimensional Development Court, eradicated Earth-238's universe lest it corrupt nearby realities. But the Fury somehow survived, and transferred itself to Earth-616 in a badly damaged state.

Absorbing local organic and inorganic materials, it rebuilt itself stronger than before, and promptly travelled to Braddock Manor, attacking Captain UK, a resurrected Captain Britain and the Special Executive, who managed to defeat it after taking several losses. Buried underground, it found its way to Mastermind, the supercomputer beneath the Manor, and rebuilt itself again using the machine's components.

After being found by operatives of this universe's Mad Jim Jaspers, it returned to London to attack Captain Britain yet again, only to encounter Jaspers himself. Although the Jaspers that created the Fury had forbidden it to attack him, the cybiote reasoned that this was not the Jaspers that created him. Thus it began its attack. Changing forms, shifting realities, the battle between the two virtually invincible beings raged, until the Fury finally transported Jaspers to Unspace; without any reality for his powers to warp, Jaspers was easily slain by the Fury. Upon its return to 616, the Fury was greatly weakened, and Captain Britain took the opportunity to attack it again, only to have the creature quickly turn the tables on him. However, Captain UK, her fear of the Fury turning to incoherent rage, attacked the Fury and literally tore it apart.

Years later, the Fury emerged from beneath Braddock Manor (having reformed under unknown circumstances, possibly with the aid of Jamie Braddock) and battled the newly-formed X-Treme Sanctions Executive. Somehow less lethal than before, the Fury only succeeded in breaking Cannonball's leg before a combined effort by the team trapped it within a singularity. However, the Fury may yet return.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

The Fury possessed superhuman strength and durability, uncanny speed, and a powerful energy weapon that could shear flesh from bone in a single blast. It was relentless, able to regenerate itself from any damage given time and sufficient material to absorb, and capable of learning from and compensating for any attack form or technique. Its sole flaw was a lack of creative thought- beyond matters related to its goal of attacking and killing all superhuman beings, it could not conceive of strategy.


  • The Fury was created by Alan Moore and Alan Davis where it made its first appearance in Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #387 (July 1982).
  • The Fury was originally intended to become a major X-Men villain in the late 1980s, involved (along with yet another Mad Jim Jaspers) in the Mutant Massacre and the Nimrod plotline, but complications with using a character created by Alan Moore led to the nixing of the idea.


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