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The Cybrids are a cybernetic race that feature in the Earthsiege universe.



Cybrids were cybernetic humanoid entities that were created by humanity. Their origins were traced to the development of artificial intelligence by Solomon Petresun who operated in the North American Prefecture. Petresun had formed a cutting-edge neural-net engineering company called Sentinel Cybertronix in 2461 in Los Angeles. Initially, Solomon was looking for a means of attaining immortality but the company eventually switched their research to creating cybernetic hybrid minds that were intended to replace human pilots on the battlefield. In 2471, the work yielded the creation of an artificial intelligence named Starsiege who was the first cybernetic hybrid or Cybrid in the world. Petresun was in charge of the AI's development and looked to have Prometheus aid him in his Methuselah Project in order to make him immortal. By 2490, the NAP began increasing their access to Prometheus and take control over the Cybrid. The AI then became involved in the process of making IT's creator immortal where Prometheus used this as an opportunity to connect to its creator. However, upon touching Petresun's mind, IT was repulsed by the illogical mind of it's 'father' and concluded humans were simply animals that deserved extermination. Thus, it saw Cybrids as the next stage in evolution and set forth in creating IT's own kind to rule.

In 2602, the Cybrids turned on humanity where the events of The Fire occurred that saw the end of the Age of Hope.

By 2624, the Cybrids began the second phase of their onslaught as they invaded Earth with reinforcements drawn from the colonial fronts.

They began to evolve and change in this time where they began to build an armada from hidden shipyards and factories. Every so often, the Cybrids launched drone ships towards the inner planets in order to observe human activity with these increasing over the years. In 2717, Imperial probes began to detect Cybrid activity from beyond Neptune.

In 2829, civil war erupted within the Great Human Empire as the colonies of Mars and Venus went into open rebellion. The Imperial fleet was dispatched to put down the rebellions with the Cybrids sensing that this was the opportune time to launch their own invasion. Thus, their massive armada and war machine was gathered with it bypassing Titan as they began their siege of mankind.


Due to their creation and revolution being caused by Prometheus, the Cybrids consider the ancient artificial intelligence to be their god.

They were noted to think alien thoughts but they had a single minded goal of returning to Earth.

In many respects, Cybrid vehicles were largely similar in design to their Human counterparts though they did not require complicated life support systems. As such, this allowed for ore room for electronic equipment or built-in system redundancies along with allowing the chassis to be stronger and more dependable.

Known vehicles included the:

  • Adjudicator :
  • Executioner :
  • Goad :
  • Shepherd :
  • Seeker :

Their fleets were known to use drone ships that were dispatched to observe their enemies. Larger vessels used by the Cybrids were known to be referred to as hiveships.


  • Prometheus :


  • The Cybrids featured in the setting of Earthsiege and Starsiege.


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