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Da'an is an alien character that features in Earth: Final Conflict.



Early life

At an early point in his life, Da'an believed in a more aggressive attitude in finding a means to defeat the threat posed by the Jaridians which involved he bio-engineering of other lifeforms to serve as weapons against their ancient foes. He was opposed by fellow Taelon Bel'li and as a result, Da'an had the Companion placed at the furtherest regions of Taelon space in order to prevent him from influencing the Synod. (Episode: Defector) One notable event attributed to Da'an was also the birthing of the last member of the Taelon race who became known as Zo'or. Following this moment, no Taelon had ever procreated again as they were now a barren as well as infertile species. (Episode: The Cloister) Zo'or was not Da'an's only child as there was at least four more onboard the Taelon Mothership who were barely living in embroyonic tubes and a secret fear was that he would never see them again (Episode: Essence)

A year after the Companions arrival on Earth, Da'an was heavily involved in restoration missions of the town of Silent Falls in Indiana which had suffered from a nuclear disaster. Through advanced Taelon science, he was able to reclaim the land and the settlement was renamed Taelonville in his honour. In addition, he helped repair any genetic damage amongst a number of inhabitants and thus saved several lives in the process. A lesser known fact was that Da'an had a secret project which involved interdimensional portals in order to genetically engineer several human specimens in order to imbue them with Taelon traits and thus make them hybrids. Of this experiment, only Belle and Steven Hartley were the only survivors and they did not manifest any Taelon traits which led to Da'an abandoning the project. (Episode: A Little Bit of Heaven)


Liam Kincaid

In an attempt to connect to the Commonality, Auger replicated a Taelon signal and thus unknowingly severed Da'an from his brethren. With the unifying telepathic link of the Companions, Da'an devolved into a primitive and violent Atavus where he began attacking several humans as well as draining them of their life energy. This led to the formation of a manhunt with numerous Companion Protectors dispatched to terminate Da'an as he was no longer seen as part of the Taelon race. However, Liam and Lili worked to save Da'an with it being Kincaid's use of his Kimera derived shaqarava that restored the Commonality link to Da'an. (Episode: Atavus)

Final Conflict

When the core energy reserve was stolen by a AI modelled on Jonathan Doors who worked in secret with Joshua Doors, a time of crisis befell the Taelons as they were slowly becoming a dying race without more of their life force. Whilst not suffering energy depletion himself, Da'an accompanied General T'than to the stasis deck in order to say farewell to the War Minister as the supreme leader of the Taelon military went into stasis. His words of warning to Da'an was to put aside his paternal bond with his child Zo'or in order to seek the greater good for the Taelon race. They departed on good terms and later Da'an came to the stasis deck only to see Liam Kincaid had snuck into the chamber. Upon confronting Liam, Kincaid revealed that T'than was not persent on his bed but a holographic illusion was instead projected to give the illusion that the warlord was still alive. It was thus revealed that T'than had been murdered and Da'an confronted Zo'or following the loss of the core energy reserve. Zo'or at first attempted to form a deal with Da'an who was disgusted at his offsprings actions which would normally be punished by death. He also confided what T'than had said about leaving his fraternal bond behind but Da'an confessed that he as a parent could not do so. As Zo'or was suffering from energy depletion, Da'an decided to share his own with his child thus ensuring his continued survival. (Episode: Limbo) Later, Da'an was part of a Taelon council of war when it was determined that a Jaridian battle fleet was approaching Earth. It was ultimately decided by the Synod to abandon the planet. As preparations were made, Da'an met Liam and decided to share the truth; the Jaridians had sent a message to humanity a year before the Taelons arrival and warned mankind not to help their enemy. They also stated that any attempt at helping the Taelons would be punished. The message was never received as it was blocked by the Taelons before their arrival on Earth. Da'an provided the message to Liam as well as proof of it never being received in order for it to be used as a bargaining tool if the Jaridians arrived. Da'an furthermore stated that he had sent a secret message to the Jaridians in order to bargain for peace; perhaps wishfully thinking that the Jaridians had grown fed up of continued conflict and maybe more receptive to peaceful overtures. This eventually proved itself to be a ruse to cause the Taelons to abandon the Earth and have humanity destroy itself by a Jaridian designed weapon though the plot failed. (Episode: The Second Wave)

Da'an ultimately decided to end his existence in an attempt at saving his species. After secret communiques over several months with a similarly minded Jaridian called Balvak, the pair decided to embark on a secret experiment designed to save both their races. By studying the Taelon historical archives, Da'an reviewed the data on the near mythical Atavus known as Razam who had originally split his species into Taelons and Jaridians. This study was designed to find a way to undo the process and bring about the restoration of the Atavus race. Once he had completed his research, he said goodbye to Liam Kincaid and took steps to prevent anyone from discovering his plans. Paying Chairmen Mikhail Federov, he instituted a plan that involved sending the Freedom space station around Saturn by way of a portal. There, he provided Chairman Federov with a cold fusion generator to power a portal for intergalactic travel and delivered Balvak to the station. After a short recovery, the pair began the step to merge themselves into a single being. This process seemed initially a success and an Atavus was created. However, Agent Sandoval's forces arrived forcing the newly formed Atavus to defend itself. However, the strain of the merger caused Balvak to disintegrate as his energy was lower than Da'an's thus providing the Taelons survival. The act also provided Da'an with a greater core reserve and allowed him for an increased lifespan, much to Da'an's regret as he desired to end his existence. After fleeing, whilst he desired to highlight that Balvak was a hero, Da'an had no choice but to claim that he had killed a Jaridian to his fellow Taelons in order to prevent them from seeing him as a spy. (Episode: Summit)

When Ma'els Atavan regeneration chamber was uncovered, it became apparent that only six Taelons would survive the process. After speaking with Renee Palmer, Da'an decided to envoke an ancient Taelon rite similar to triage where Taelons merged their energies and consciousness together. Thus, the entire species were embodied by five of its members. Da'an was responsible for the selection process and he himself was one of those chosen to carry on their race. He accompanied his brethren in a shuttle to the volcano where the regeneration chamber was located and reactivated the Portal that led to the facility itself. There, he learnt of Zo'or's fate and was somewhat saddened by his child's death. At that point, they were confronted by Vorjak and five other Jaridians who intended to destroy them. However, Liam revealed that the chamber could not regenerate a lone Jaridian or Taelon but required both species joined together to restore the original Atavus. Reluctantly, Vorjak agreed and he shared a chamber with Da'an where he confessed what their future was in the final moment of both their races. Before the joining began, Da'an and Liam said their goodbyes to one another as the process started leading to the end of both the Taelons and the Jaridians. (Episode: Point of No Return)


Personality and attributes

He greatly coveted the continuation of life and held it as one of his highest principles. (Episode: Summit) Da'an felt great hope on an alliance between mankind and the Taelons. (Episode: The Second Wave)

Though he was shown to be sympathetic to the plight of Humanity, Da'an ultimately stated that his loyalty was to his own species. (Episode: Second Chance) He also believed that it was not possible to bioengineer mankind on the same level as what was accomplished with the Skrill. (Episode: Emancipation) Whilst a compassionate and understanding being, Da'an noted that his patience had its limits. (Episode: A Little Bit of Heaven)

He was shown to possess a more secretive as well as manipulative side as well since on one occasion he engineered the death of William Boone's wife. (Episode: The First of its Kind) Furthermore, he had implanted in the CVI of Boone to make him believe that a Human Companion agent was in fact an old girlfriend of his even though he had never met her in his life. This was part of an exercise to determine his loyalty to the Taelons as well as his true motivations. (Episode: Old Flame) In addition, he withheld information of the Forge Project from Liam Kincaid as he felt the Kimera hybrid would betray this information to the resistance. (Episode: Heroes and Heartbreak)

Unlike some Taelon's, Da'an often participated in rituals that some of his fellow Companions felt should be abandoned such as the Kaar'paagh. Furthermore, he often enjoyed looking at images of the Taelon Homeworld as it used to be as he felt that even though it had been destroyed, the beauty of its former glory helped sustain him as well as give him strength (Episode: Defector) His deep belief in Taelon rites meant that he was disgusted as the Human use of Pad'Ar which had degenerated into a sport for mankind which Da'an felt was practiced by "overgrown children". (Episode: Pad'Ar)

In regards to the half Kimera hybrid Liam, Da'an felt that great powers protected him and that he was indispensible to the future of the Taelon race. Though he held a close friendship with Liam Kincaid, he was not above betraying the resistance leader if the situation warranted for such an action. (Episode: Thicker Than Blood)

Whilst he was often at odds with Zo'or, on some level he deeply cared for his offspring and even sought to shelter him from harm even at the expense of Da'an's own life as well as reputation. (Episode: The Cloister) Upon learning that Zo'or had been transplanting his consciousness into a human body as well as participated in acts of murder and violence, Da'an openly told his child that he was an abomination to the Commonality itself. (Episode: Through Your Eyes)

Powers and abilities


  • Da'an was portrayed by actor Leni Parker.


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