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Zo'or is an alien character that features in Earth: Final Conflict.



Early life

Zo'or was the last Taelon to be born and was the child of Da'an, he would be the last member of the species before it became fully barren and sterile. (Episode: The Cloister) During Zo'or time in Taelon politics, he developed a bitter enemy in the future War Minister, T'thaan who contested Zo'or's election to the legation. (Episode: Keep Your Enemies Closer) Before their arrival on the planet Earth, the Taelons witnessed the native human species in a state of conflict known as the SI War. It was Zo'or who proposed the deployment of the Quantum Vortex weapon on the planet in order to secretly end the conflict but also leave humanity in a constant state of warfare so that they could be more easily manipulated. Whilst seen as a brutal act, many within the Synod agreed with Zo'or's suggestion and the weapon was deployed before the Taelons officially introduced themselves to mankind. (Episode: Scorched Earth)

When Jonathan Doors made a public broadcast that urged Humanity to fight the Taelons after his supposed death, the Synod became greatly displeased with Da'an. After the initial failure of finding his whereabouts, the Synod ultimately decided to suspended Da'an and replace him temporarily with Zo'or who became the North American Companion. (Episode: Resurrection) At some point, Zo'or put a medal on Companion Protector John J Malley but Zo'or would not remember the event or the human. (Episode: Phantom Companion)

When it was decided that Rho'ha was to stand trial in a human court for his crime, the Synod decided to pressure the justice system in order to allow a Taelon to sit amongst the jury. This led to Zo'or being appointed for the role and he was amongst them during the case as it was debated. (Episode: Law and Order)

Zo'or was ultimately responsible for seemingly killing Da'an's Companion Protector William Boone where he attended his funeral on Earth. During his time there, a Jaridian Replicant emerged and killed the Synod leader Quo'on. (Episode: The First of its Kind) Unknown to many, Zo'or had also kept William Boone alive in stasis and in an energy format where the Taelon began probing the Companion Protectors mind. (Episode: Boones Assassin)

The Final Conflict

At some point, the Synod leader discovered that his parent Da'an had been wounded by the Volunteer scientist Dr. Andrea Mazar who fled the mothership. However, he was prevented from questioning the Synod member by the healer Mit'gai who stated that Da'an was too weak for even the most rudimentary of questions. Suspicious, Zo'or continued to interrogate Mit'gai until he broke and learnt that Da'an had placed orders to prevent him from being questioned. It was then that Zo'or learnt of Ma'el's relic and the data stored within. Through the actions of Liam Kincaid, the artifact was recovered and given to Zo'or. At first, the Synod leader intended to access the information himself but he learnt that the relic required both a Taelon as well as a human to activate its contents. Thus, he chose Kincaid as a partner where both learnt that mankind was the missing evolutionary link between the Taelons and the Jaridians which meant that they were essential for the survival of the Companions. This would begin a long process of probing the relic for more of Ma'els data. (Episode: Abduction)

After a canister of core energy was stolen during a Doors International co-venture, Zo'or became enraged as the sample was the lifeblood of his species and meant that they were closer to extinction. His first act was to destroy the Caya islands by inducing a tidal wave to encompass the area which was the birth land of Ronald Sandoval in order to serve as a motivational tool for him. When the concept of his own mortality came to dawn of him, Zo'or shoewd anquish and grief at the thought of his demise. In order to secure his survival, he entered into the stasis wing of the mothership where he ruthlessly murdered War Minister T'than in order to steal his core energy to replenish his own. The last words the Taelon general heard was Zo'or swearing that he would be the last Taelon alive if their species were to die. In order to cover up this act, he placed an energy pack on T'than's bed to maintain the illusion that the War Minister was still alive and in stasis. (Episode: Limbo)

Upon learning of the plot to merge the Taelon essences into one another to leave only six individuals behind, Zo'or decided to ruthlessly preserve his own life and individuality. He began by forcibly cannibalizing several of his fellow Taelons in order to empower himself. After that, he took Ma'els relic and an honor guard of Volunteer storm troopers to protect him from threat. He remained secretly on the mothership and was present when Ronald Sandoval willingly assisted a Jaridian strike team in taking over the vessel. As such, Zo'or overheard that Sandoval would assist the Jaridians in exchange that they spare Earth and that he be made its ruler. Zo'or also learnt that Liam Kincaid had uncovered an Atavan regeneration chamber that had been retooled by Ma'el to save their species. Using Ma'els Relic locator code, Zo'or journeyed into the underground chamber where he revealed his plan to Liam Kincaid. As Kincaid was suffering from heat exhaustion due to the active volcano where the chamber was located, he was unable to stop Zo'or from attempting to absorb the Atavan lifeforce into himself. However, as he was a Taelon only, the lifeforce overwhelmed Zo'or and seemingly killed him. The remains of his own life energy remained stained on the floor of the regeneration chamber as a reminder that both Taelons and Jaridians needed to join in order to return to their Atavan roots. (Episode: Point of No Return)


Though he was dead, his energy anatomy and his consciousness continued to exist within the Atavan bio-pool. With Ronald Sandoval working with Howlyn and the Atavus, they began to face much opposition from Renee Palmer. After a recent failure, the pair decided that they needed an full breed Atavus warrior to defeat Palmer. To that end, Sandoval suggested on whether they could resurrect dead Atavus and Howlyn replied by saying that a species closely linked to their own could accomplish such an act but the reborn Atavus would possess the soul of the individual that was used to reconstituet it. Thus, Sandoval used the remains of Zo'or and reformed him into his Taelon body. Seeing that Sandoval had accomplished this feat, Zo'or deduced that the FBI agent had done so for his own self interest. Furthermore, the Commonality itself was virtually silent and he demanded to know what happened to his species to which Sandoval responded by revealing that the Atavus had been reborn. Sandoval also revealed the Atavus intention of using Zo'or to kill William Boone to which the former Synod leader agreed. Joining with a deceased female Atavus corpse thus bringing about Zo'or resurrection but now as a female Atavus. Tracking a resistance fighter that worked with Boone, the now female Zo'or had sex with the Human whereupon she extracted information from him and ultimately fed on him. She also carved her symbol from her days in the Taelon Synod on the Humans chest in order to attract Boones attention.

Whilst waiting, Zo'or remained on the surface where she continued to revel in her new role and abilities; much to the displeasure of Sandoval and anger of Howlyn. Ultimately, she was forced to return to the mothership where Howlyn rebuked her and made it clear that he had no hesitation in killing her. Later, Boone activated an Atavan crystal that sent a signal which alerted the Atavus who dispatched Zo'or to finish her task. Cornering Boone within the facility, Zo'or attempted to anger William by reminding him of the Taelon role in the death of his wife, assassination of his friend and the recent killing of his sister. During the fight, Zo'or was tricked by both Boone and Palmer into a set of pipes which were ruptured by weapon fire to release liquid nitrogen which froze Zo'or thus defeating her. Her frozen body was later transported to the mothership where both Howlyn and Sandoval decided her fate. Whilst Zo'or was seen as a potent weapon, she was incapable of following orders and Sandoval told the Atavus leader whether they could trust her. Howlyn agreed with Sandoval and ordered him to terminate her. (Episode: Boones Assassin)

Sandoval, however, did not kill Zo'or and kept her hidden from Howlyn. The FBI agents further failure led to a mind probe of his memories leading to the Atavus leader learning of Zo'ors continued existence. But instead of killing her, Howlyn had her reawakened in order to use Zo'or to take command of the Taelon Mothership and uses its weapon array against Earth. Initially, he hid this from her but Zo'or managed to learn of Howlyns involvement in her near termination as well as recent events. She attempted to take over the vessels command but it detected Atavan DNA in her which prevented her initial control. However, Zo'or managed to convince the ship to conduct a scan to determine if her mind was still a Taelon. It confirmed this finding and Zo'or was given command of the ship. She claimed to want an equal partnership with Howlyn as leaders of the Atavus though she expressed her opinion that she would not take him as a mate and that she desired someone else as she was disgusted with him. Just at that point, the Motherships shields were taken offline by an attack from an experimental weapon developed by Renee Palmer which she deployed in a shuttle. This allowed a human strike team to board the ship in order to destroy the weapons array. In order to combat this attack, Zo'or boarded a shuttle and pursued Palmer with the intention of killing her. However, Palmer tricked Zo'or into moving her shuttle near the weapons array which exploded and kills Zo'or in the process. (Episode: Honor and Duty)


Personality and attributes

Zo'or was confident in the supremacy of his race and believed that they could only admire those who were equals to them. As he felt that Humanity was too primitive and unevolved, he felt that they were not worthy adversaries. (Episode: Resurrection) In fact, he felt that the Taelons could do whatever they choose in regards to humanity and that they would accomplish these feats in the future. (Episode: Emancipation) In fact, he believed mankind to be a pityful subspecies that would never be an equal to the Taelons. (Episode: Interview) Zo'or's attitude on the subjugation of humanity was an intricate plan that involved domination of both the mind and the mind. He felt that whilst they were capable of coercing mankind, the process was too slow and graceless. And whilst bioengineering was a possibility, this was only partly the solution. As such, he intended to understand their minds and dominate the species completely and making them serve the Companions. (Episode: Deja Vu) He also felt that a devolution of their race was needed in order to reintroduce the survival instincts amongst their kind so that they could adequately fight the Jaridians. (Episode: Through Your Eyes)

His cunning meant that he often manipulated events to his benefit and turned potential disasters into powerful tools to boost his popularity. (Episode: Interview) He also felt that the pursuit of knowledge was worth any risk. (Episode: Through Your Eyes)

He was highly deceptive and known to had made active use of surveillance on his fellow Taelon's, especially on those that disagreed with his goals. (Episode: Deja Vu) Zo'or was not above polluting Taelon traditions such as the Pad'Ar in order to accomplish his missions. (Episode: Pad'Ar) Furthermore, Zo'or engaged heavily in the use of secret assassinations of his fellow Taelons in order to quell any challenge to his political power. (Episode: Subterfuge)

Ultimately, according to Zo'or, he was desperately attempting to ensure the survival of his species. (Episode: The Cloister) Despite this being the case, he held contempt for certain aspects of his peoples culture such as the Commonality. In Zo'ors opinion, the unifying link of the Commonality was the greatest weakness amongst the Taelons and thus needed to be destroyed in order to promote individuality as seen in mankind and the Jaridians. (Episode: Subterfuge) In addition, he was not above using sacred Taelon rituals to accomplish his goals and was quite capable of distorting them in pursuit of his mission. Zo'ir personally did not practice the ancient rites of his species as he felt that they were anachronisms and that anyone that followed these old ways would be forgotten by history. (Episode: Pad'Ar)

Powers and abilities

He possessed a great amount of power within the political arena of the Taelons though according to Lili Marquette, this was more attributed to fear then being a good speaker. (Episode: Message in a Bottle) As leader of the Taelons, it been stated that Zo'or greatest power was the power over life and death. (Episode: Boones Assassin)

Being a Companion, Zo'or also had the ability to radiate a powerful burst of energy from his body and sent organic beings close to him flying backwards. (Episode: Crackdown) Alternatively, he was able to absorb explosions of energy in order to save other sentient beings that were threatened by such an event. (Episode: Interview)

He possessed his own symbol that served as his designation within the ranks of the Synod. (Episode: Boones Assassin)


  • Zo'or was portrayed by actor Anita La Selva.


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