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Daimon Hellstrom in Hellstorm: Son of Satan v1 #1.

Daimon Hellstrom is a male comic character who features in Marvel Comics.



Son of Satan in Marvel Spotlight v1 #13.

Daimon Hellstrom was the son of the demon Marduk Kurios and a human woman named Victoria Wingate Hellstrom with him having a sister by the name of Satana. It was said that his mother's parents were Satanists who allowed her to be purchased by the Chapel of Dresden with these being occultists once closely aligned with Adolf Hitler. These psychopaths had intended to breed a new high priest and high priestess bred from the pits of Hell to be rulers of man. Thus, his mother was designed to birth such half-human/half-demon creatures for this role. It was said that she had gone insane and later constructed a fantasy that she was seduced by Satan rather than admit the truth of birthing the dark messiahs. (Hellstorm v1 #16) He was noted for being born on February 2nd with this aligning with a major holiday in the Satanic calendar of Candlemas. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #15)

On this birthday, he was visited by dreams of his father who intended for his son to take his rightful place by his side. Around this time, he was visited by Dr. Katherine Reynolds who enlisted Daimon's aid as some of her students at her university were said to be engaging in satanic practices. At first, this seemed like young people unaware of what they were doing but upon investigating they found that it was a genuine ritual that was summoning Satan. This saw the Devil's incarnation as Baphomet emerge with the goat-shaped demon looking to claim Hellstrom back into Hell. After a battle, Hellstrom emerged victorious by destroying Baphomet's body thus forcing Satan to return to the fiery depths of his home. During this time, Dr. Reynolds became infatuated with Daimon and looked to be closer to him. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #15) He next responded to the emergence of four thousand holes that manifested in the ground in the city. During the investigation, he was attacked by some protestors that believed he was responsible after witnessing the earlier fight with Baphomet. In the skirmish, a flame from his trident fell into the holes that connected to one another and came to summon the demonic fiery serpent Kometes of legend who heralded a time of great cataclysm for the world. To stop it, Hellstorm used his soulfire to send himself and his allies into the past to ancient Atlantis to learn from Zhered-Na a means of stopping Kometes. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #16) Through his magic, he and his comrades journeyed back into the ancient past where they set forth to find Zhered-Na. During this time, he confronted the giant Spyros and in the battle Kometes was slain thus killing his future incarnation that was bringing destruction to the world. With their task complete, Hellstrom then used his magic to return to the modern day Earth. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #17)

Afterwards, he was drawn to an insidious menace that had possessed a young girl called Melissa where he learnt that the demoness Allatou had taken over her body. A battled ensued with Allatou relinquishing the girls body to possess her father in an attempt to kill Hellstrom and thus earn favour in Satan's court. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #18) He at first struggled to defeat the demoness as she kept switching her human hosts until he threatened to use Satan's own rite that would have turned her into a human. As a result, Allatou abandoned her human host and departed the mortal world rather than face this ritual. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #19)

He came to learn the true name of his father which was Marduk Kurios and evoked the ancient blood rite where he managed to kill the powerful demon. This led to Daimon gaining the Black Halo that marked him as the new ruler of Hell. However, he did not take the throne immediately and instead spoke the Devil's courtiers where they kept the death of Satan a secret. Daimon returned to Earth whilst his father's court managed his territory in the aftermath with none knowing that this Satan had been slain and instead outsiders simply believed that he became lax in his rules over his region. The court bent the rules and began to look towards claiming pieces of the Earth for themselves in the power vacuum that began to form. Heaven in this time began to push for war against Hell and sent their assassins the Asura angels with the goal of eliminating Satanists in order to reduce the Devil's powerbase. (Hellstorm v1 #16)

Whilst at his home, he came under attack from the Hood who believed Hellstrom was a candidate to be the new Sorcerer Supreme. The New Avengers arrived on the scene as Doctor Strange sought to prevent the Eye of Agamotto from falling into the Hood's hands when the relic chose Brother Voodoo as its new wearer. (New Avengers v1 #53)

At some point, he learnt that the Descent was fast approaching where a select number of people were given the Hell Mark of the Beast that destined one among them to transforming into a demon and rule a corner of hell. Daimon at first did not know how to respond to this event but conducted a ritual whereby he created multiple copies of himself that sought varying objectives in relation to the Descent. These shades were then dispatched into the world with exploring this matter from all varying angles. Despite his intentions, a number of them through free will developed vastly different goals from the original Hellstrom. (Venom v2 #41)

He was then asked to help in the training the next generation of magic users with him joining the faculty of the newly opened mystical school called Strange Academy. (Strange Academy v1 #1)


Personality and attributes

When embracing his demonic side, a transformation in his persona occurred with his mannerisms, expressions, emotions and his judgements were all vastly different. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #14) This aspect of him was said to be incapable of either love or mercy. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #16) The star that was the birthmark on his chest was capable of changing shape mystically and when it inverted it became the symbol of Baphomet. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #15)

He struggled with his dual nature as he considered himself the Devil's son but not his slave. Instead, he served the Lord of Light by exorcising his fathers minions from the world of men. Thus, he was a man of God and heir to Hell with him being cursed by these two duelling natures. As a result, Hellstrom typically was known to experience nightmares of being attacked by both servants of God and minions of Hell. In these, he saw that he was both man and demon yet neither at the same time with him feeling that he was rejected by the world. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #15)

Dr. Katherine Reynolds came to be infatuated by Daimon after he saved her from demons. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #15)

He seemingly had a daughter named Demona who was said to be the child of the Son of Satan. (Infinity: The Hunt v1 #2)

Powers and abilities

As a result of his origins, he came to inherit the demonic powers of his father. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #13) His senses allowed him the ability to detect immensely powerful occult energies. He could usher in his transformation by making the sign of the trident with his fingers. Hellstorm then glowed until flames engulfed his body with this being the soulfire that marked him as a scion of Hell. The soulfire that empowered him was said to be eternal in that it was one of the few powers which transcended mortal conception of time and space. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #16) Daimon could also direct psychic energies to cause fires to erupt on his body or from his trident. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #17)

He could conduct a ritual whereby he shed blood that transformed into numerous copies of himself. (Venom v2 #41)

With soulfire, he could burn incantation signs onto the ground such as an ankh that could ward off demons or trap them in a certain area. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #19)

He was knowledgeable of a demonic ritual used by Satan as a punishment for recalcitrant demons that forced them to live out their lives as humans. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #19)

The sacred trident was made from Netheranium whose substance could sap the power of Devils such as his father Satan. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #12) It had been forged in the furnaces of Hell with it constructed from a strange psycho-active element unknown to man. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #14) Hellstrom could channel his soulfire through the trident and allowing it to propel him through the air with jet-like propulsion. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #15) Daimon could also use it as a psychic divining rod in order to track a supernatural presence. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #18) Hellstrom could channel his soulfire from the trident with the burning spiritual energy able to burn demons. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #19)

At his command, he could summon the demon-drawn chariots of Satan at a command allowing them to transport him to any location. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #12) The demon-steeds were named Hecate, Set and Amon who served their master faithfully. (Marvel Spotlight v1 #14) After taking the throne of Satan, the faceless and spider-covered Bailiffs came to serve Hellstrom as his servants. (Hellstorm v1 #18) The Bailiff of Madness resembled a humanoid in a suit with a top-head yet lacking a head with them having demonic magical abilities at their disposal. (Thunderbolts v1 #2000)

After killing his father, Daimon gained the Black Halo that was the mark of regency and indicated him as a ruler of Hell. (Hellstorm v1 #16)


  • Daimon Hellstrom was created by Roy Thomas and Gary Friedrich where he made his first appearance in Ghost Rider v1 #1 (September, 1973).

Alternate Versions

In other media

Video games

  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Daimon Hellstrom appeared as an unlockable character in the setting of the Facebook video game. In Season 2, he was transformed into one of the Worthy where he became Angrir: Breaker of Souls.
  • In Marvel: Future Fight, Daimon Hellstrom appeared in the setting of the mobile video game.


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