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Atlantis is an underwater city that features in Marvel Comics.




It was held as the hereditary homeland of the Inhumans. (Fantastic Four v1 #402)


Following the formation of the new Squadron Supreme, the group decided to proactively eliminate threats in the world starting with Namor. This saw them attack Atlantis with the city being risen from the ocean and then destroyed by Hyperion after which Namor was killed for his actions during the Incursions. (Squadron Supreme v4 #1)


When their monarch was away, a Council of Three acted as temporary rulers of Atlantis. (Defenders v2 #11)

Locations at Atlantis included:

  • Deadzone : a series of undersea caverns outside Atlantis. (Marvel Comics Presents v1 #7)
  • Gates of Wonder :
  • New Pangea : a province situated thirty-five nautical miles downwards in the Pacific Ocean with an Atlantean population of nearly a million. (Wolverine v3 #45)
  • Temple of Ophion : place of worship for the followers of Ophion. (Secret Empire: Brave New World v1 #1)
  • New Pangea : an Atlantean province that held a population of 943,021. (Wolverine v3 #45)


Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In The Marvel Super Heroes, Atlantis featured in a number of episodes in Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner series.
  • In Fantastic Four, Atlantis was renamed Pacifica in the 1967 animated television series which appeared in the episode "Danger in the Depths".

Video games

  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Atlantis appeared in the setting of the video game where Attuma had used mind control over its populace to take charge of it and displace Namor from the throne.


  • Fantastic Four v1:

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