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Damar is a male extraterrestrial television character who features in Star Trek.




Three years after Dukat was removed as Prefect of Bajor following the end of the Bajor, he was given command of the Cardassian freighter Groumall, and appointed Damar one of his officer; at that time Damar held the rank of Glinn. He had great respect for Dukat and quickly became one of his most loyal officers, aiding him in waging his private war against the Klingon Empire. Damar continued to serve under Dukat during the Dominion's occupation of Deep Space Nine.

Dukat's capture by Starfleet resulted in Damar being promoted to legate, and he became the head of the Cardassian government, succeeding Gul Dukat. In this capacity, he worked closely with the Vorta Weyoun to coordinate the Cardassian military's involvement in the Dominion's war against the Federation and its allies. Cardassia's huge losses during the war, about which Weyoun and the Dominion's Founders seemed indifferent, led Damar to drown his sorrows in the Cardassian liquor kanar. Damar resented not being informed about the Dominion's negotiations to bring the Breen into the Dominion, and in general came to realize that he was Cardassia's leader in title only. With his hatred of the Dominion and his disgust with himself reaching a boiling point, Damar finally decided to take action. He helped two Starfleet prisoners of war escape Cardassia Prime, and began planning a rebellion with his long-time friend Gul Rusot.

Damar broke ranks with the Dominion when he helped prisoners of war Lieutenant Commander Worf and Lieutenant Ezri Dax escape from Cardassia Prime. Shortly thereafter, Damar made a broadcast denouncing the Dominion and announcing the creation of a Cardassian underground movement geared toward freeing the Cardassian Union from the Dominion's yoke. They had an initial victory by destroying the Vorta cloning facilities on Rondack IIIā€”the facility at which the Weyoun line of clones is created. After his break with the Dominion, he was succeeded by Legate Broca as the leader of the Cardassian Union. Starfleet recognised that the Damar resistance could play a part in ending the Dominion War and the resistance itself appealed for Starfleet assistance. Damar was forced to accept the help and knowledge of former Bajoran resistance fighter Kira Nerys and disgraced Obsidian Order operative Elim Garak. Initially, Damar and his men could not come to terms with taking orders from a Bajoran, but Damar quickly grew to look beyond Kira's race and saw the value in her knowledge and experience and chose to utilize her plans and tactics. With their help, Damar's group was able to continue to inflict damage on the Dominion, and Damar himself took part in a mission to capture a Jem'Hadar ship equipped with a Breen energy-draining weapon. Gul Revok's betrayal of the resistance helped lead to its virtual annihilation. While hidden on Cardassia Prime, Damar learned the Dominion had destroyed all of their bases. He learned, however, that the Cardassian people didn't believe that he and the resistance had been destroyed, leading Damar, Garak, and Kira to carry out an attack on Dominion resources on Cardassia Prime, and Damar imploring his fellow Cardassians to resist their occupiers. During the Battle of Cardassia, Damar led a small band attacking the Dominion's headquarters on Cardassia Prime. Although he was killed shortly after getting inside the facility, his last word was "keep...", and the assault was a success, leading to the Female Changeling's capture and facilitating the Dominion's surrender.


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  • Damar was portrayed by actor Casey Biggs where he featured in Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

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