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Dan the Dyna-Mite is a male comic superhero who features in DC Comics.



Dan Dunbar was a red haired male human who was born in the modern age. At his high school, he came to find a mentor in his teacher Tom N. Thomas who was a physical trainer and taught chemistry. Dunbar came to be the star pupil at the school where he excelled both on the physical tracks and in the laboratory. Dan often spent many hours after school working with Thomas as they conducted chemistry experiments as they looked to see the release of energy from radioactive salt as a means of generating power. Their work led to their bodies absorbing atomic energy with them only discovering this after they accidentally touch. The pair decided to be superheroes and fight crime with them hiding their true identities behind masks. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #8)

The pair late moved to stop the criminal operation of the Dwarf where the superhero team were briefly captured but managed to escape. They later confronted the criminal mastermind and brought him into custody. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #7) Afterwards, the pair faced a new criminal mastermind by the name of the Parrot whose goons killed Mrs. Van Torney to steal her jewels. TNT and Dyna-Mite then confronted the gang but were rendered unconscious by sleeping gas. The criminals went on the Parrot's boat headquarters where they dumped TNT into the water to drown him and intended to ransom Dan but he jumped overboard as well. He managed to find TNT and their contact energised their powers thus freeing them where they succeeded in apprehending the criminals. They came to uncover the Parrot who was revealed to be 'Handsome Harry Hicks' who was a singer that had taken a life of crime after he learnt he was dying. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #8) The next crime wave they responded to was from the Mother Goose Mob who managed to escape the two heroes by starting a fire at one of their crime scenes thus forcing the masked duo to put it out and letting the criminals escape. They later tracked Mother Goose to the Ritz where they were ambushed and captured though the two managed to escape. During a confrontation with Mother Goose, they apprehended the criminal and came to learnt that 'she' was actually ex-millionaire George E. Ready who after losing his fortune went to a life of crime to recoup his lost fortune. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #9)

Afterwards, Dunbar's school became the site of an athletic competition where the winner would be given a trophy by noted millionaire and miser Ebenezer Oglum. Dan came to win the competition and later his mentor Thomas learnt that the trophies were actually cast from gold. They later found Oglum sneaking into the school to steal back the trophies when he was ambushed by a gang of criminals. Transforming, TNT and Dyna-Mite worked together to fight off the crooks before investigating Oglum's decrepit mansion. The two were then caught by the gang who were revealed to had caught Oglum as well and learnt the true nature of Ebenezer's fortune. Oglum had bought he mansion after the previous owner had died and found a large cache of gold coins with ownership of them being illegal. Thus, he had hid the fortune and used it in secret when the criminal gang learnt of this and intended to claim it for themselves. TNT and Dyna-Mite managed to free themselves where he apprehended the criminals whereupon they were sent to jail whilst the gold coins were confiscated by the U.S. government. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #10)


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Dan was a young male with notable red hair. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #10) He was sometimes called the 'concussion kid' as he used his fists to knock out criminals. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #7) Alongside his mentor, Dan and his partner were regarded as the eighth wonder of the world. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #8)

Powers and abilities

Dan was noted to had gone through extensive training and was highly skilled in athletics. He had trained harder than anyone at his skill leading to him often winning in most sports competitions. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #10)

Dunbar and his mentor Thomas both gained their powers from experiments involving radioactive salt. This resulted in radioactive vibrations passing into their bodies with him and Thomas having the positive and negative components. It was only through physical contact did these generate power. According to their work, mixture of these components could lead to a world damaging catastrophe. However, if they made brief contact, they could supercharge their systems thus giving the pair superpowers. They were able to send atomic energy from their gloves into their target. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #8)

He used to wear a ring that contained an oppositely charged element that reacted with a similar ring worn by TNT. When the signal 'contact' was given, the pair would connect the rings where the positive and negative reactions combined to create a secret chemical reaction. A detonation then erupted where their outer clothing burst into flaming fragments as they emerged in their superhero costumes. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #7) The energy from the transformation could also set off volatile substances such as triggering explosives thus preventing him from turning into Dyna-Mite. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #9)

Their clothing was treated with a special solution and consisted initially of shock-proof asbestos suits. (Star-Spangled Comics v1 #8)


  • Dan the Dyna-Mite was created by Paul Norris where he made his first appearance in Star-Spangled Comics v1 #7 (April, 1942).


  • Star-Spangled Comics v1: (1942)
  • All-Star Squadron v1:

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