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The Dark Circle are an organization that features in DC Comics.




The Dark Circle in Adventure Comics v1 #367.

The Dark Circle

Post-Zero Hour



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  • The Dark Circle were created by Jim Shooter and Curt Swan where they made their first appearance in Adventure Comics v1 #367. (April, 1968).
  • Another Dark Circle appeared in DC Comics that were unrelated to the Legion version with these appearing in Phantom Stranger v1 #20 (July-August, 1972) with these serving Tannarak and worked with the demon sorceress Tala.

Alternate Versions

In other media


Dark Circle in Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • In Legion of Super-Heroes, the Dark Circle appeared as antagonists in the second season episode "In Your Dreams". They were noted as a criminal organization with deep ties and seeking to destabilize the United Planets. Members of the Dark Circle wore a similar costume and consisted of various Humanoid alien species. While they did not have powers, they made use of a wide range of technical abilities from weapons to invisibility cloaks. Its members were well trained and personally picked by the leader of the organization thus ensuring that all its members were loyal to the Dark Circle. The Dark Circle were a well trained group of mercenaries that performed criminal activities within the United Planets. Their goal was to destabilize the interstellar power and let chaos rule in its place. The group became bolder and bolder in their activities once Imperiex along with his forces began attacking allowing them to begin their operations while their enemy was distracted. The Circles operations were quickly thwarted by members of the Legion of Super Heroes. At first, a member of the Circle explained to their leader that they had a traitor but it was quickly revealed that their failures were the result of the prophetic dreams of the precog Legionnaire Dream Girl. Upon seeing this threat, they were determined to remove it and make it their own strength. To do this, they infiltrated the Legions base and planted a device that gave a false dream reading on the Legion's computer thus sending them into a trap. In the aftermath, the Legionnaire Dream Girl had a prophetic dream where she was arrested by her colleagues and killed as they believed her to be a traitor. To prevent this from coming to pass, she left the Legion only to fall into the Dark Circles trap where they drugged her as well as used her to gain an advantage over the Legion for their attack on the United Planets conference. Despite this advantage and their numbers, they were defeated when the Legion made the Dark Circle believe that the prophetic vision had come to pass when in fact, a hologram was used to make it appear so. Caught at the disadvantage, the Dark Circle was defeated and captured. Their attempt at destroying the conference was also foiled thanks to the united effort of the freed Dream Girl and Lightning Lad.


  • Legion of Super-Heroes:

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