Dark Planet

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The Dark Planet

The Dark Planet was a force of supreme evil which appeared once every five-thousand years in an attempt to destroy the universe. It manifested itself as a molten volcanic planet capable of interstellar travel and communication. Its one and only weakness were the five elements of the Mondoshawan. When earth, air, fire and water were combined with the fifth element, love, in an Egyptian temple the Dark Planet would be destroyed for another five-thousand years. If not, then the Dark Planet itself would stand in the temple in place of the fifth element. If this transpired, light would turn to darkness and life to death, forever.

The Dark Planet manifested itself in 2263, repelling all attacks by Earth's military spaceships. Hoping to prevent the five elements from being used against it, it, using the alias "Mr. Shadow," contacted a corrupt Earth businessman named Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg via satellite, promising him money in return for acquiring the four stones representing the first four elements. When Zorg failed, the Dark Planet raced to Earth but was defeated when Korben Dallas told the fifth element, Leeloo, that he loved her. As the fifth element was love, and pure evil could not withstand love, the Dark Planet was reduced to a dead husk orbiting Earth.

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