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Darkoth is a male comic supervillain who features in Marvel Comics.



Desmond Pitt was an African-American male who lived in the modern age where he grew up in the United States of America. By adulthood, he enlisted in the army where he first met Benjamin Grimm with the two becoming friends and becoming pilots. At some point, he was noted to had gotten married and had a wife along with a child where he came to serve as a test pilot where one day Grimm operated one of the new supersonic jets. On that day, the jet crashed with Pitt rushing in to save his close friend and pulled Ben from the wreckage of the burning aircraft. It was said that afterwards he had left the military around the time when his wife fell ill but came to re-enlist and began to work with NASA as they were conducting research on solar energy with shuttles. Around this time, Pitt had discovered that Latverian agents had infiltrated NASA and in an attempt to stop the machination of Doctor Doom he sought to similarly infiltrate their ranks. Desmond never told anyone about his plan at uncovering the existence of the spy network as he feared that Doom had infiltrators everywhere. When he was ready to reveal the spies, Pitt's wife had died and he fell mad in grief leading to his discovery by Doctor Doom. This led to his capture where he was taken for experimentation to be transformed into a monstrous superhuman being that would serve him. In America, the U.S. government came to believe that Desmond had defect to Latveria and was killed in the process thus leading to him being considered a traitor to the country. (Fantastic Four v1 #193)


Personality and attributes

In appearance, he resembled a purple skinned bald headed monstrous being who towered over humans and had a long powerful tail as he came to be known as Darkoth the Death-Demon. (Fantastic Four v1 #142)

Powers and abilities

Originally, Desmond was an ordinary human who was a skilled pilot and had enlisted in the army. However, after his abduction by Doctor Doom, he was genetically engineered and chemically transformed into a superhuman being. (Fantastic Four v1 #193) He was shown to possess both superhuman strength and incredible endurance allowing him to battle the Thing. From the firehorn antennae, he could generate energy and fire energy blasts at a target where they were said to feed on higher brain functions and dissolve the mind from within. (Fantastic Four v1 #142)


  • Darkoth was created by Gerry Conway and Rich Buckler where he made his first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #142 (January, 1974).


  • Fantastic Four v1:

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