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Latveria is a country that features in Marvel Comics.



Latveria in Fantastic Four v1 #84.


One account held that it was originally part of Hungary. (Fantastic Four v1 #504)

After Doctor Doom's disappearance, the neighbouring nation of Hungary sent its military to occupy Latveria leading to a state of hostilities between the two countries. During this time, the Fantastic Four intervened to stop Hungarian forces from claiming the country to prevent Doctor Doom's technology falling into anyone's hands. (Fantastic Four v1 #503) Reed Richards then took custody of Castle Doom and became the new monarch of Latveria. (Fantastic Four v1 #504) During this time, a group of Doombots activated seemingly on a pre-programmed mission to target any perceived insurrection from the population. (Fantastic Four v1 #505) Various nations then made their own moves to lay claim to Latveria and the advanced technology within it. (Fantastic Four v1 #506)

When Doctor Doom was sent to Hell, the nation of Latveria was left to fend for itself with the Prime Minister looking to lay claim to the position of leader of the country. However, Doom had managed to find a means of escape and killed the Prime Minister for daring to replace him. (Fantastic Four v1 #537)

The Mighty Avengers later crossed the Latverian border in order to attack Castle Doom after the Riga satellite was compromised to launch the Venom virus at New York leading to the heroes believing this to be an attack from Doctor Doom. (Mighty Avengers v1 #9)

During the Dark Reign, Doctor Doom was freed and allowed to return to his country with an armed escort when they came under attack from Morgan le Fay who wanted revenge against the Latverian ruler. In response, the Dark Avengers under Norman Osborn arrived to battle the Arthurian era sorceress. (Dark Avengers v1 #2)

Chancellor Exchequer Beltane over several years began to work out a deal between Latveria and the megacrime families. (Daredevil v3 #14)

On the trail of Doctor Doom, the Thing decided to go to the villains laboratory in Latveria. (Infamous Iron Man v1 #3) Around this time, the country was being torn apart by internal strife with factions forming with one managing to find the Doombot Protocol and taking control of the machines. Around this time, von Doom as Iron Man arrived and seeking the strife in his homeland decided to intervene by confronting General Karadick. (Infamous Iron Man v1 #4)

In the aftermath, the People's Republic of Latveria fell under the leadership of a dictator who ruled as President-for-Life with Doctor Doom remaining in seclusion inside his castle. He was visited by a woman who begged for his aid in returning to rule the nation and free it from tyranny with Doctor Doom convinced to return to rule his kingdom. (Fantastic Four v6 #1) Doom then imbued Zora Vulkovic with the Power Cosmic turning her into Victorius, the Herald of Doom who unknown to her was a cosmic lure for Galactus with the World Devourer arriving in the nation to consume the world. (Fantastic Four v6 #6) Doom had tricked the Fantastic Four into aiding him where his true design was to capture Galactus and use him as a limitless power source for Latveria. With his goal nearing completion, he captured the Fantastic Four and sentenced them to death for invading the sovereign nation. (Fantastic Four v6 #7)

Afterwards, the world was under siege in the War of the Realms as the forces of the Dark Council invaded the planet. Latveria was among the many locations attacked with Dark Elves attacking he land. (War of the Realms: War Scrolls v1 #3) Once the invaders were defeated, the nation went about rebuilding there homeland with Doctor Doom aiding his people. During this time, he came to discover that the site that held Galactus was infused with some of his Power Cosmic with the mud becoming radioactive. Thus, von Doom intended to use this as part of a new scheme where he provided the material to the captive Puppet Master. (Fantastic Four v6 #11) As the nation grew more aggressive, tensions began to grow between it and neighbouring Symkaria who felt threatened by Latveria's actions. (Amazing Spider-Man v5 #33) Around this time, Doctor Doom had Conan the Barbarian abducted from Brazil and had him brought to Doomstadt where he was offered a meal and shelter. (Savage Avengers v1 #7)


This kingdom nestled virtually unnoticed from the world where it was situated in the heart of the Bavarian Alps. (Fantastic Four Annual v1 #2) One account held that it was a small country located on the southern border with Hungary. (Fantastic Four v1 #503)

Locations included:

  • Folding City : built by Dr. Doom in order to study holes in space with the inside being a maze of space-time fragments. (Gambit v3 #15)
  • Latverian School of Science : academic institution created by Dr. Doom for young superpowered students. (Infinity: The Hunt v1 #2)
  • Doomstadt :
  • Castle Doom :
  • Sintija River : a river whose crossing was located on the southern border where it bordered with Symkaria. (Doctor Doom v1 #4)

Situated on the highest mountains of Latveria was a region where the Carpathian Snow Rose was known to grow. (Mighty Thor v1 #704)

It was said to be a highly self-sufficient nation with no racial issues and having a stable economy. (Fantastic Four v1 #506) Latveria was said to hold the lowest poverty rate of any Slavic nation. There was no unemployment, no drugs or guns, organised crime or even issues relating to corruption. Medical care was said to be free to the citizens of the nation. Under the law of sedition and rendition, "Any Latverian citizen found guilty of seditious language against the State is subject to rendition and imprisonment". (Doctor Doom v1 #5) A financial institution within the country was the Bank of Latveria. (Daredevil v3 #14)

One position within the government was that of the Prime Minister. (Fantastic Four v1 #537)

Kremorga was a noted swear word in the native Latverian language. (Infamous Iron Man v1 #2) Verezhejk was a word that meant 'defeat' with it carrying more weight than death which was Hazlal in Latverian. Gyozjelem was the word for 'victory' in their language. (War of the Realms: War Scrolls v1 #3) Vladyka was a word that meant 'ruler' within the Latverian language. (Doctor Doom v1 #4) Under Doctor Doom's rule, the idyllic life he gave the population meant that the word 'thief' was obsolete in their direction. (Fantastic Four v1 #506)

Latverians believed in a creature known as the Ejszaszka-Ordjog (Night Devil) prowled the lands and take people to Hell. (War of the Realms: War Scrolls v1 #3)

Latveria's standing army was said to had always been small and casually trained. (Fantastic Four v1 #503) The military had its own Special Forces unit that were deployed on dangerous missions. (War of the Realms: War Scrolls v1 #3) The Latverian Special Forces were noted for their efficiency. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #62)


  • Doctor Victor von Doom :
  • Kristoff Vernard :
  • Lucia von Bardas :
  • Werner von Doom :
  • Boris :
  • Beltane : a dark-haired male wearing a monocle who served in the government as Chancellor Exchequer and Minister of the Bank of Latveria. (Daredevil v3 #14)
  • Editor :
  • General Karadick : a blonde haired male general in Latveria's military who was known as the Green Bear and the nation's top military mind. (Invincible Iron Man v3 #9)
  • Grigori Mengochauzchras : one of the Mengo Brothers that were Latverian expatriates who operated as muscles for hire. (Gambit v3 #3)
  • Stanislaus Mengochauzchras : one of the Mengo Brothers that were Latverian expatriates who operated as muscles for hire. (Gambit v3 #3)
  • Latros Moldavia : a Latverian engineer known for his distinct engineering style in relation to satellites. (Mighty Avengers v1 #8)
  • Vladimir Fortunov :
  • Prince Zorba Fortunov :
  • Kristoff Vernard :
  • Alexander Flynn :
  • Zora Vukovic : a female native who lived in the time when Doctor Doom had left the throne and it fell under a dictatorship with her seeking the return of her former monarch. (Fantastic Four v6 #1) She willingly took part in an experiment that imbued her with the Power Cosmic turning her into Victorius, the Herald of Doom. (Fantastic Four v6 #6)
  • Nadja Morturo : a dark haired female who served as a volunteer in the Latverian army. (Fantastic Four v1 #503)
  • Count Sabbat :
  • Cristos Malachi :
  • Gregor Markovich : father to Fruzsina who was a journalist in Latveria that questioned Victor von Doom's Wakanda incursions leading to him being imprisoned. (Doctor Doom v1 #5)
  • Fruzsina Markovich : blonde haired female meteorologist from Latveria who worked in New York where she was conducting weather experiments. (Doctor Doom v1 #5)


  • Latveria was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where it made its first appearance in Fantastic Four Annual v1 #2 (September, 1964).
  • The Marvel Atlas v1 #1 (2007) mentions that it was referred to as the jewel of the Balkans with Latveria's motto being "We master all that lies before". The monetary unit of the country was the Latverian Franc with the nation holding a population of 500,000 people. The government was referred to as the Kingdom of Latveria and it was called The Jewel of the Balkans.

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Spider-Man, Latveria appeared in a number of episodes in the 1981 animated television series. In the episode "The Doom Report", the peasants of the country suffered from the years of oppression by Doctor Doom where they formed a resistance movement that consisted of a militia that looked to overthrow the tyrant. Among those peasants was a blonde haired man named Johan who looked for help in ending the reign of Doctor Doom.
  • In Fantastic Four, Latveria appeared in a number of episodes in the 1994 animated television series.
  • In Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, Latveria appeared in the setting of the animated television series.
  • In Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Latveria was referenced in the setting of the animated television series where it was shown to be tiny country ruled by the brilliant Doctor Doom. One of the Makluan temples was located in the nation with Doom seeking it out to claim the Makluan ring known as the Nightbringer where he defeated the guardian protecting the relic.
  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Latveria made a number of appearances in the animated series starting in the episode "Breakout". The country' borders was the site of a weapons deal between Doctor Doom's representatives and scientists from A.I.M.
  • In Avengers Assemble, Latveria was shown in the episode "The Doomstroyer" where it was home to Doctor Doom and his people. After his disappearance, Hydra and AIM attacked the country with the Avengers attempting to repel them. This was until the Destroyer arrived with the armor being animated by Doctor Dooms soul. Doctor Doom later fought the Avengers where he became consumed by the Destroyers nature where he unintentionally devastated Latveria. After learning this, he abandoned the Destroyer and returned to his country. Stark offered his company's resources to rebuild Latveria but Doctor Doom refused any such charity and demanded the Avengers leave his country's sovereign land or be arrested.


  • In Fantastic Four, Latveria was referenced in the live-action film where it was said that Victor Von Doom was said to come from the 'old country'. Upon becoming Doctor Doom, he donned his metallic mask with a plaque reading it as a gift from the people of Latveria. After his defeat, Doctor Doom's incarcerated body was shown on board a ship that was bound for Latveria.
  • In Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer, Latveria was briefly shown in the live-action film sequel with Doctor Doom's frozen form being awakened by the arrival of the Silver Surfer. He awoke at the castle within the capital of Hassenstadt.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Latveria appeared in the setting of the video game with it being under the control of Lucia von Bardas. Nick Fury led a team of superheroes in an invasion of Latveria to stop Bardas after the United States President refused to take any official action to stop her activities.


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