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David Litterbin was a comedian and host of The David Litterbin Show. He has a sidekick named Fuzzy, His show is a favorite of Jake Clawson, while Chance just doesn't get it and prefers the cartoon shorts of Scaredy-Kat.

On at least one occassion, a fan has accused Litterbin of being a Swat Kat, a theory that was dissproved shortly afterward when the Swat Kats saved Litterbin from the wrath of Litterbin's old rival Lenny Ringtail (who was possessed by the ghost of Madkat). Whilst Ringtail wanted revenge on Litterbin because the other comedian had stolen his job, Madkat wanted him because he was "the Jester," implying that Litterbin's ancestor was the court jester in Megalith City who had taken Madkat's position in Queen Callista's court.


Litterbin's act and appearance bears a striking resemblance to that of real-world TV personality David Letterman.

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