Deadeye Duck

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Deadeye Duck.

Deadeye Duck was a four-armed duck from the planet Canopus III. His nickname could have a double meaning: both because he is blind in one eye and wears an eyepatch, or because he is possibly the best shot in the entire Aniverse, and therefore "a deadeye." Deadeye served as the gunner aboard the SPACE frigate the Righteous Indignation, but before that he was a Corsair Canard and served aboard the pirate ship the Iron Vulture. Precisely why he stopped being a pirate was never said, although it may have had something to do with an affair he had with his captain, Lanelle, and an ensuing rivalry with her first mate, Redjack.

As gunner aboard the Righteous, Deadeye was a loyal crew member but sometimes a little too impulsive. The tyranny of the Toad Empire made him madder than perhaps anything, and at every turn Deadeye was itching to "croak toads" and take the fight to the villainous amphibians.

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