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Redjack was a member of the crew aboard the pirate ship Iron Vulture, and a member of the pirate clan known as the Corsair Canards. Redjack has a brown mohawk and filed-down sharp teeth. Redjack was secretly in love with Lanelle, and had thought for years that former crewmate Deadeye had tried to steal her away from him. As a result, when the crew of the Iron Vulture ran into the crew of the Righteous Indignation during their attempt to sign a treaty with the UAF, Redjack was openly hostile towards Deadeye. He and Deadeye competed in a contest of skills to determine whether or not the pirate clans would sign the treaty (Redjack was against the treaty from the beginning, insisting that pirates did not do such things), and Deadeye beat Redjack.

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