Deadly Bulb

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The Deadly Bulb

The Deadly Bulb was a villain with a live pig for a leg. This earned him the hated nickname "Pigleg." He hated this name and wanted to get rid of it so he named himself the Deadly Bulb and became a supervillain in the hopes that his crimes would take attention away from his porcine appendage. He and his two henchmen Watt and Socket attempted to cut all the power from the City during the filming of an episode of Heroes but were thwarted by the Tick.

Later the Deadly Bulb and his men kidnapped Arthur and the Heroes cameraman and took them back to the Deadly Bulb's lair. Arthur was suspended from a crane and made to fly around a giant light bulb on the roof as bait for the Tick, who arrived and attempted to rescue his sidekick with assistance from American Maid. The Tick was captured and put inside the giant bulb to be used as filament for it.

The Deadly Bulb was defeated when he was almost knocked off the roof to his death, but his pig leg caught on the edge, saving him. Realizing he would've died if not for his leg, the Deadly Bulb renounced evil and happily embraced his nickname Pigleg. When asked by the cameraman if he had any evil plans for the future, he replied simply that he intended to make his leg happy.

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