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The Tick is a superhero.

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Who is he really? Where did he come from? No one, not even he, seems to really know. The Tick is one of many super heroes protecting The City from the forces of evil. The Tick seems to have no other purpose in life aside from being a hero. He moved to The City after being assigned a post there, and he teamed up with his sidekick Arthur and lives in Arthur's apartment, sleeping on his couch.

While not the most intelligent hero, the Tick makes up for it in his dedication to fighting evil where ever it stirs its head. He has no real super powers aside from super-strength and nigh-invulnerability. He has many times defeated many villains including criminal masterminds such as Chairface Chippendale, international terrorists like the Terror, dimensional conquerors like Thrakkorzog, cosmic threats like Omnipotus, psychopaths like the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight and complete idiots like the Deertown Aztecs.

The Tick has several friends and allies in the fight against evil. American Maid, Die Fledermaus, Sewer Urchin, Crusader Chameleon and Big Shot and a loyal pet named Speak. The Tick also briefly had a second sidekick named Little Wooden Boy. But where ever evil dares to strike, alone or surrounded by friends, the Tick will be there to stop it and deliver inspiring words at the end of the day.


In his own words, he is the wild blue yonder, the front line in a neverending battle between good and not-so-good. Along his stalwart sidekick Arthur and some other folks he knows (Captain Liberty and Batmanuel, respectively), he strives to be the yin to villainy's malevolent yang. Wicked men, you face the Tick!

This Tick is a lot more boneheaded and oblivious to the realities of day-to-day life. Still, he has a good heart and strives to do what is right, even if he doesn't understand what's going on half the time. After saving a humble bus stop from the tyranny of a malfunctioning coffee machine, the Tick went to City, The, where, on his first night in town, he met Arthur and saved ex-president Jimmy Carter from the Red Scare and stopped the Russian-American Coalition for the Annihilation of the U.S. Postal System, who plotted to use the very same Red Scare to assassinate the postmaster general.

Although most of the Tick's foes have been mundane criminals like car thieves and bank robbers, he has tangled with such supervillains as the Terror and Destroyo, and, on occasion, even some less-than-admirable fellow heroes such as Fiery Blaze and the Champion. He was even a member of the League of Superheroes for a short time, until he quit after seeing what a bunch of snobby jerks they were. Although the Tick does not know his real name, he uses the alias 'I.P. Daley' on his superhero license.

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