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Demons are a species that feature in Diablo.



Demons were a race of beings that were born from the corpse of Tathamet whose body became their home realm of the Burning Hells. After their formation, they came to fight the Eternal Conflict against the Angels of the High Heavens with this only coming to an end following the disappearance of the Worldstone. It was eventually discovered that the Worldstone was used to create the moreal world with this peaking the interest of the Prime Evils. Thus, a new conflict erupted known as the Sin War that ended in a pact forged between Heaven and Hell allowing Man to choose its own path.

It was known that the Lesser Evils came to resent the rule of their rulers and conspired to usurp them. This saw them managing to chain the Three Evils whose souls were banished into the mortal plane onto Sanctuary. This came o be referred to as the Dark Exile though the act divided the Lesser Evils. Ultimately, it was Azmodan and Belial who took over the rule over the Burning Hells with the two engaged in a bitter dispute that divided demonkind.

With Mephisto and Diablo defeated, Baal sought to avenge his brothers and bring about the destruction of the world. Thus, he gathered the piece of the Soulstone that was in possession of Marius before murdering the human. Afterwards, he gathered his Army of Destruction which set forth to Mount Arreat in order to reach the summit of the Worldstone.

In 1285, the Fallen Star came to crash into the New Tristram cathedral that began the prophecised end of days. During this time, Belial had his servant the witch Magda set forth to acquire the stranger that had crashed into Sanctuary. Thus, her coven sought to reforge the person's shattered sword in order to claim its power but after Deckard Cain refused then Magda had him killed.

With his possession of Leah, Diablo was reborn and had become the Prime Evil after claiming the power of the Black Soulstone. Thus, he opened a portal into the High Heavens and assaulted it where his great might allowed him to breakdown the Diamond Gates whereupon eh set forth to destroy the home of the Angels. This resulted in many demons invading the angelic home in order to end the Eternal Conflict in Hell's favour.


In appearance, Demons came in a wide variety of forms and abilities.

There were numerous kinds of Demons that included:

  • Shadow Vermin :
  • Armored Destroyers :
  • Fallen Ones : the Fallen were red-skinned bipedal horned creatures of demonic origins where they were typically powerful servants of Azmodan and often served as the grunts of the Burning Hells
  • Succubus : demonic creature that possessed the form and face of a beautiful woman.
  • Butchers :
  • Hellion : demonic hounds that chased down their foes and attacked with savage fangs.
  • Imps : the young of demons that managed to flee when their kind began devouring their children when no other source of nourishment was present. Imps then banded together with other demonspawn where they formed vicious packs that shredded unwary travellers with their tiny needle-sharp teeth.
  • Deceivers :
  • Oppressors : these were tall winged demons with it said that only a scant few mortals were capable of fighting these monsters who wielded Hellforged weapons.
  • Heralds of Pestilence : lesser demons who long ago rebelled against Azmodan with the Lord of Sin easily vanquishing them but instead of killing them he granted each a long infested poisoned arm that could kill anything but the Lord of Hell himself.
  • Minion of Destruction : the personal pets of Baal who always kept at least two of them at his side with the beasts were known to snap the neck of their prey in a single strike whereupon they dragged them away to eat as a future meal.
  • Siegebreaker : these mighty assault beasts were legendary monsters that were the most prized champions of demon lords due to their massive size and strength which could turn the tide of battle in their favour with few surviving encounters with these demons.

Ruling the Burning Hells was a group of Demons known as the Great Evils with these being divided between the three Prime Evils and the remaining Lesser Evils.

Another group in the hierarchy were the Mallet Lords who served as brutal overseers that were second only to the Seven Evils themselves where they ruled the outer reaches of the Hells.

A demonic relic used by the Burning Hells were Sin Hearts that were attributed to Azmodan. These enormous hearts bore a vile power that empowered entire demonic hosts and increased their effectiveness.


  • Mephistopheles : Dul'Mephistos was a Lord of Hell who was one of the Prime Evils where he was the Lord of Hatred.
  • Baal : Tor'Baalos was a Lord of Hell who was one of the Prime Evils where he was the Lord of Destruction.
  • Diablo : Al'Diabalos was a Lord of Hell who was one of the Prime Evils where he was the Lord of Terror.
  • Duriel : a Lord of Hell who was one of the Lesser Evils where he was the Lord of Pain.
  • Andariel : a female Lord of Hell who was one of the Lesser Evils where she was the Maiden of Anguish.
  • Belial : a Lord of Hell who was one of the Lesser Evils where he was the Lord of Lies.
  • Azmodan : a Lord of Hell who was one of the Lesser Evils where he was the Lord of Sin.
  • Lilith : the daughter of Mephisto who was the mother of the Nephalem who birthed their kind after mating with Inarius.
  • Lucion : the son of Mephisto.
  • Rakanoth : a male demon who was the Lord of Despair and former lieutenant of Andariel.
  • Skarn : a male demon who was the lieutenant of Diablo and served as his Herald of Terror.
  • Nereza : a female demoness who the Nephalem Ancients consulted for a means of stopping their children from losing their power but instead she caused the young to be misshaped creatures and she was ultimately killed.


  • Demons were created by Blizzard Entertainment and featured in the setting of Diablo.


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