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Digimon, an abbreviation of "Digital Monster" (the term is both singular and plural), are a group of creatures inhabiting the Digital World. Digimon are capable of a unique form of metamorphosis known as "Digivolution", a process whereby they evolve into stronger forms. Digimon have six known "levels." Digimon are also capable of merging together into stronger forms, or having their abilities enhanced in other ways.

Digimon Levels

  • Baby - One of a few blob-like infant forms.
  • In-Training - More defined but still simple forms.
  • Rookie - Small, weak, basic forms of the stronger levels.
  • Champion - A common level; generally "adult"-like Digimon are at this stage.
  • Ultimate - Very strong Digimon, usually enhancements of the Champion forms.
  • Mega - Theoretically the most powerful Digimon, possessing godlike power. It can actually be surpassed by Super Mega or Omega Level. Powerful Megas include: WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, Piedmon, Apocalymon, Imperialdramon, Diaboromon, Armageddamon, Omegamon, Millenniummon and Daemon.
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