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Franchise developed from the original Digimon game, a small handheld virtual pet meant to be a Tamagotchi for boys. Several versions were later made, all with the same design and features but different characters. At the same time as the original virtual pet was released, a comic book series (C'mon Digimon) was made, but it soon folded. However, a second, more successful comic book series (V-Tamer) was later released. Encouraged by their success, Bandai created an animated series by the name of Digimon Adventure. It was a hit, and was followed by three more series. The cartoon series are by far the most well-known aspect of the franchise, and accounts for a large majority of its popularity. In addition to the digital pets, comic books and cartoons, a series of Playstation video games (Digimon World), a series of video games and a collectible card game were also released, along with innumerable other memorabilia.

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