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The Doctor is a character that features in Hellsing.



The Doctor (or "Doc") (博士(ドク) Doctor (Doku or Dokuta))

He was seen arguing with Walter about how useless he was, that one day he will overthrow and defeat Alucard and that he's being a failed experiment. Doc tries to press a button from his remote to kill Walter. However, Walter uses his wires and cuts off Doc's arm and leg, making him fall to the ground and ripping the blanket off SHE, revealing that she was Mina Harker, who Alucard, as Dracula, forced her to drink his blood. Doc had, years after Mina's death, exhumed her body and used it to start his experiments in perfecting the Vampire mass-production project, hoping that, one day, Millennium would be able to defeat Alucard (or as Walter said "trying to imitate him"). The Doc, not long after that revelation, was buried under a large heap of falling debris, killing him instantly.


Personality and attributes

Doc usually appeared dressed in a perpetually bloodstained white labcoat, an unusual shirt which reveals his lower torso, and glasses with an assortment of adjustable, multilensed spectacles. his prototype was recycled from Doc's story.

He was Millennium's top scientist of physiology and technology, the genius behind many of their projects. Perhaps unstable, certainly eccentric, but undeniably brilliant, it was his research that led to the creation of a Nazi vampire army out of 1,000 volunteers in the 'Letztes Battalion'. Hirano has stated that he created Schrödinger, which goes well with his 'mad scientist' reputation. The two argued almost constantly.

Powers and abilities


  • The Doctor was created by Kouta Hirano where he appeared as an antagonist in the setting of Hellsing.


  • Hellsing:

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