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Doctor Dedalus in Grayson v1 #14.

Doctor Dedalus is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Otto Netz was a German male that had operated during World War II where he had joined the Nazi Party. As a young man, he was noted for being bright and unusual with a great love for his country. When his home land fought injustice, this intelligent man became a scientist that as tasked with making stronger soldiers. (Grayson v1 #14) During one meeting with Adolf Hitler, the Fuhrer gifted Netz with a unique cane as a reward for his tireless work to the Reich. (Batman Incorporated v1 #5) He succeeded in his task where he made his better men but their enemy was too strong leading to them losing the war. (Grayson v1 #14) It was his discoveries that made his very welcome to England. However, he always his intention from the beginning to exploit and betray his new masters. (Batman Incorporated v1 #5) Netz managed to escape and was later approached by a union of men who were scared of the threat posed by the superhumans that emerged from labs from across the world. Thus, he was recruited to find a means of eliminating these foes and he created Spyral in turn. (Grayson v1 #14) After emerging from his seclusion in Argentina, he headed the United Nations new agency known as Spyral. (Batman Incorporated v1 #5) Netz became known in the agency as Agent Zero with his goal being bringing down heroes. (Grayson v1 #14)

Around this time, he sought to challenge himself with enemies and created a foe in the form of Leviathan. During this time, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease with Netz having the first two doctors killed for suggesting such a thing. However, he came to realize that he was slowly losing his brilliant mind. Thus, he took refuge on an island and raised two daughters name Elisabeth and Katarina that were deemed his finest creations. They were meant to be part of his machinations in the future where Otto Netz encoded his mind onto a machine that became known as Spyder. Spyder would serve as an oracle for Spyral until the day one of his daughters became the avatar for his consciousness whilst the other would become Leviathan to challenge him. (Grayson v1 #14)

A number of superheroes were involved in apprehending Doctor Dedalus with four dying to secure the master spy on an island. (Batman Incorporated v1 #5)

Talia al Ghul released Netz from his island prison and promised him a challenge in battling Batman. (Batman Incorporated v1 #5)

Whilst fighting against Grayson, Dick offered the use of his own body in exchange for Netz to leave Helena's. This saw the Spyral founder abandoning Bertinelli and attempt to take over Grayson's body. Once there, he activated the Somnus satellite that erased all knowledge of Dick Grayson's existence from the general world. At that point, Dick's mind fought against Netz's intrusion and Grayson triggered a Hypnos self-destruct command which killed Doctor Dedalus's mental pattern thus defeating him. (Grayson v1 #20)


Personality and attributes

Netz eventually took the title of Agent Zero of Spyral before taking on the name of Doctor Dedalus. He stated that he took his new name from an old book. Netz was known by various names that included Agent-Zero, Daddy 8-Legs, Sleipnir, Spinner and as the Master Spy. (Batman Incorporated v1 #5) Prior to his death, he had encoded his mind onto a machine that took the form of Spyder that was an oracle for Spyral. (Grayson v1 #14)

He was not bound by principals of law or morality but rather was driven for love of his land. During the first war, he came to the conclusion that any conflict would come to an end. Netz became determined in creating never ending war that challenged him with his enemies. (Grayson v1 #14) Netz stated that by the end that he had one ambition left unfulfilled which was to destroy civilization. (Batman Incorporated v1 #5)

Such was his harsh nature that he felt that a kind heart deserved a cruelest end. (Batman Incorporated v1 #5)

Powers and abilities

He was considered the master of delusion and of mind erosion. (Grayson v1 #14)


  • Doctor Dedalus was created Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette where he made his first appearance in Batman Incorporated v1 #3 (March, 2011).


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