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Dominators are weapons that feature in the Psycho-Pass.



The Dominator Portable Psychological Diagnosis and Suppression System (Japanese: 携帯型心理診断鎮圧執行システム Romaji: Keitai-gata shinri shindan chin'atsu shikkō shisutemu)、ドミネーター or the 45MW.TRG Dominator was an advanced weapon system given to key law enforcement personnel in Japan after the establishment of the Sibyl System.

In his effort to topple Sybil, Kirito Kamui began a series of experiments on the ability to use the Dominator. After achieving some success, he embarked on a new plan in acquiring as many of the weapons as he could and provided them to his operatives.


In appearance, the Dominator resembled a futuristic sidearm that was provided to designated registered officers. Once activated, they imprinted on their user and identified their holder. After authentication, a wireless connection was established to the Sibyl system allowing them to operate the weapon. Upon connection, the Dominator made a near telepathic link to their holder where only they could hear its voice and listen to the information given to them. When aimed, the targeting site of the weapon scanned the Crime Coefficient with those determining whether the subject had latent criminal tendencies. Should such a target be registered, then the Dominator became activate allowing them the user to fire at the target. If the Crime Coefficient was standard, then the Dominator remained in a locked mode thus preventing its use against innocent civilians.

During its operations, the weapon had a number of different modes that included:

  • Non-Lethal Paralyser : the standard configuration of the weapon that was able to fire an energy blast that paralyses the target and can lead to them being rendered unconscious. This mode was designed for incapacitating criminals though targets that were exposed to stimulants were able to resist the paralysis. A strike at a subject's spine rendered them immobile and unable to function for over a day.
  • Lethal Eliminator : a secondary attack mode made when a target's crime coefficient was deemed to be too high for therapy and thus needed to be eliminated. After a brief transformation, the Dominator was in a mode that afforded a lethal strike with an energy pulse striking an organic body leading to limbs bloating and exploding thus killing the target leaving little remains behind.
  • Destroy Decomposer : the final mode of the Dominator that turned it into an anti-armor weapon able to destroy heavy targets. Organic targets struck were completely obliterated leaving nothing behind at all.

One variant of it was the Assault Dominator that was a large rifle based version. These were more precise and had a longer range compared to the standard variant with them able to operate even passed walls. Targets sighted were only seen based on their Crime Coefficient and their features could not be seen with the device.

Those individuals that were designated as Criminally Asymptomatic (免罪体質 Menzai Taishitsu) did not trigger cymatic scans which meant that the Dominator did not register them as a criminal. As such, it did not activate and prevented the user from firing the weapon at the target.


Dominator HUD.
  • Akane Tsunemori :
  • Nobuchika Ginoza :
  • Mika Shimotsuki :
  • Shinya Kogami :


  • The Dominators were created by Gen Urobuchi where they featured in the setting of Psycho-Pass.


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