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Doomfist is a male character who features in Overwatch.



Akande Ogundimu was the son of a well-regarded Nigerian family and heir to its prosthetic technology company. It was his natural talents such as his intelligence and charisma that allowed him to help expand the family business. He managed to arrange affairs in such a way to allow him to dedicate his free time towards his passion that was competitive martial arts. This saw him training in traditional African fighting styles such as Dambe and Gidigbo alongside wrestling as well as modern combat forms. This allowed him to develop an impressive resume of effective techniques whereby he competed in tournaments around the continent. It was then that the world was engulfed in a global conflict that was the Omnic Crisis where in the aftermath Akande came to lose his right arm. This saw the end of his martial arts career before he could reach his prime. In the time afterwards, the company used its expertise in cybernetic prosthetics to allow him to recover from his injuries.


Personality and attributes

It was shown that he was highly intelligent and a charismatic figure. From a young age, he developed a passion towards competitive martial arts.

He believed that only through conflict were people capable of evolving. Thus, he began determined in triggering a new conflict as he thought it would make humanity stronger as a result.

Powers and abilities

He was shown to possess great speed, strength and agility with him using his intuition alongside his ability to read an opponent. It was these talents that made him operate as a martial artist. In time, he became skilled in a number of traditional African martial art fighting styles including Dambe and Gidigbo.


  • Doomfist was created by Blizzard Entertainment and was voiced by actor Sahr Ngaujah where he featured in the setting of the Overwatch universe.


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