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The Omnic Crisis is an event that features in Overwatch.



The Omnic Crisis was a global event that impacted the Earth in the modern age following what was believed a period of unchecked scientific development. During this period, mankind had developed highly advanced technology leading to one of its leading businesses namely the Omnica Corporation producing vast numbers of robots through the use of Omnium factories. These created the world's robot population in large numbers in order to aid in manufacturing and economic needs thus bringing about equality throughout the world. Despite this being the case, the Omnica Corporation was shut down after evidence was discovered of fraud leading to its factories similarly being closed down. Despite this being the case, the dismantled Omniums came to reactivate themselves where they proceeded to launch a military campaign against mankind. This saw them produce armies of militarised robots that began to attack humans and the machines even began to hijack other examples of pre-existing technology such as Titan walkers that were repurposed as weapons of war. The Earth came to reel against the threat of the machines as the Omnics sought to overthrow humanity. During this time, a number of highly sophisticated artificial intelligences known as the God Programs came to operate where they forcibly took control of Omnics that were used against mankind.

Within America, as the Omnic Crisis was waging across the country the government enacted a controversial and classified soldier enhancement program. This saw military scientists turn recruits into perfect soldiers that were given superhuman speed, strength, agility and other such enhancements to battle the Omnics. In Germany, one fighting force formed to battle the Omnics was a military order known as the Crusaders. These consisted of trained warriors that worked in conjunction with the military where they were attached to teams to provide support to soldiers. To aid them, they were provided power armor allowing them to deploy shields and to wield their mighty rocket hammers in fights.

After the Crisis, the God Program Anubis was captured and placed under quarantine.


A chief outcome of the Crisis was increased tensions between humans and Omnics.


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  • The Omnic Crisis featured in the setting of Overwatch.


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