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Doors International is a business that features in Earth: Final Conflict.



Doors International was a worldwide company created by millionaire Jonathan Doors. A young Joshua Doors was known to had watched his father build his great business empire. (Episode: Crossfire) At some unknown point, this corporate body was drilling for oil and searching for herbal medicines in South America, Peru whereupon they established a platform after which both supplies and personnel were brought into the region on a regular basis. Doors himself had invested over half a million dollars in a pilot project in the Peruvian jungle where a facility aws established. The region had massive security problems with tomb robbers trespassing on those grounds. (Episode: The Once and Future World)

The organization was notable in its involvement with Futurity Farm; a research facility that worked in a joint venture with the Taelons in genetic experiments. (Episode: Resurrection) The Systems Division of the company was involved in another joint venture with the Taelons designed with the development of information warfare weaponry. (Episode: The Devil You Know) After the crackdown was conducted on the Liberation and later rescinded by President Daniel Thompson, Jonathan Doors was offered a deal with Zo'or that would benefit the two of them. Thus, he formed an alliance with the Taelons and created a new state of cooperation between his company and the Companions. He later placed his division head Renee Palmer in charge of this operation. (Episode: Crackdown) It was known that Doors International made studies of the Taelon Commonality though concluded that it could not be replicated. (Episode: Hearts and Minds)

This company was also involved in the sponsoring of Pad'Ar sports and elected their champions during the sports event. Members of the division were responsible for creating jack patches that allowed fans to experience the sport and assured Renee Palmer that the technology was harmless. (Episode: Pad'Ar) At this point, the Eli Hanson show was on a network owned by Doors Internatonal. (Episode: Keep Your Enemies Closer) Joshua Doors was believed to had raided his father's company in order to "steal" several of its engineers, physicists, chemists and other scientists for his own co-ventures program. Two leading scientists were Dr. George Sato and his wife Mrs Sato who were analysing complex organic compounds. They eventually moved to One Taelon Avenue under Joshua Doors in order to work on the prototype ID shuttle. During the course of events, Jonathan Doors was seemingly killed by One Taelon Avenues artificial intelligence called the Core Control. Following this event, the companys board of directors placed Joshua Doors as interim CEO in order to manage Doors International. (Episode: One Taelon Avenue)

Under Joshua's guidance, he managed to get the company to finish construction of a cold fusion plant in Albany though he faced significant opposition from the stock holders with the majority "calling for his head". Doors International also maintained a hologram of Jonathan Doors within their corporate headquarters which gave motivational speeches to employees. (Episode: Limbo) An early co-venture with the Taelons involved the use of core energy to treat human illnesses in a project called Blood Ties. The program was terminated two years ago after the development of a substitute that was a cheaper. (Episode: Blood Ties)

After the destruction of the Taelons and Jaridians, Renee Palmer began using company funds to explore the regeneration chamber in order to determine if Liam Kincaid had survived. However, her actions dissatisfied the Board of Directors who removed her as an employee of Doors International. (Episode: Unearthed) The biomedical division of Doors International was responsible for the development of a vaccine to combat the Atavus hybrid threat that began to emerge on Earth. (Episode: Street Wise) A building owned by the company was later involved in mass producing the cure. (Episode: The Journey)


The company was headed by a Board of Directors. (Episode: Dream Stalker) They made use Mark XI bullet for its security purposes. (Episode: The Once and Future World) There also existed a biomedical division. (Episode: Street Chase) Another notable development was in the fields of nano-robotics with the development of nanotechnology that could reform itself into various shapes. (Episode: A Little Bit of Heaven) Another notable field was in computers where it was responnsible for the development and manufacturing of XL-2020 systems. (Episode: First Breath) Furthermore, they developed Cold Fusion Plants at select locations with the aid of the Taelons. (Episode: Limbo) Doors International was quite adept at reverse engineering alien technology as seen when they created a prototype human exo-skeleton programmed with Jaridian claoking devices. This allowed for individuals to create a holographic cloak of another individual thus disguising their true nature. Despite the skill involved in reverse engineering the device, it only had a power charge of two hours before it went dead. (Episode: Atonement)

The company was known to had kept an active file with a database on financial "movers and shakers". (Episode: Apparition)


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